MasterChef's Andy Allen pays his own tribute to Jock Zonfrillo after Logies snub

Andy Allen took to his social account to pay homage to his friend and late chef Jock Zonfrillo's Logies moment.

MasterChef Australia fans were up in arms during last night’s broadcast of the 2023 Logie Awards after the crowd failed to give late chef Jock Zonfrillo a standing ovation.

The Channel 10 reality TV show won the award for Most Popular Reality Program, with judge Melissa Leong holding back tears as she thanked fans for ‘sticking with the show' during a very difficult year.

Melissa Leong on stage at the Logies
Melissa Leong on stage at the Logies accepting an award for MasterChef. Photo: Channel Seven

Twitter users took to the platform to vent after it appeared nobody in the room got to their feet to celebrate the late chef’s contribution to the entertainment industry, with one person writing: "Stand up for Jock you hedonistic bunch of overgrown egos."


Now, MasterChef judge Andy Allen has taken to his Instagram account to pay tribute to his late friend, posting an image of the pair together, with Jock affectionately holding Andy’s chin as they posed for a photo.

Andy Allen and Jock Zonfrillo
Andy Allen paid his own tribute to friend Jock Zonfrillo after the 2023 Logie Awards. Photo: Instagram/Andy Allen

Andy, who is currently enjoying a European holiday with his wife, Alex Allen, left fans heartbroken with the sweet gesture.

“Congrats on your Logie mate. This Carbonara is for you, Loz, Ava, Sofia, Alfie and Isla @zonfrillo,” Andy captioned the post.

Another photo showed a table of ingredients set up for Andy to make Jock's pasta carbonara recipe, obviously one of the late chef's favourite dishes.

Jock Zonfrillo's Pasta Carbonara recipe
Andy Allen uploaded this image of the ingredients set up to make Jock's pasta carbonara. Photo: Instagram/Andy Allen
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Fans took to the comments to commend Andy on his post, with one person writing: “You guys were a formidable team, Incredible partnership and bloody honour to watch.

"Thank you for everything you bring to our home cooks/ dreamers strong enough to dream. So grateful for your show. Please keep doing what you do Andy. Xx Jock is with you every step of the way.”

Another person added: “I’ve never voted in my 57 years, this year I voted for Jock.”

Jock Zonfrillo and Andy Allen on MasterChef
Andy is currently overseas on holiday but it didn't stop him posting a tribute to his late friend. Photo: Channel 10

Jock’s wife, Lauren, also commented saying how much Andy and his wife mean to her.

“I’ll forever be grateful for MasterChef as it brought you and @alexxandra.allen into our lives. Now more than ever. Love you. lz xx”

Jock’s daughter, Ava, also commented simply saying: “Love you Andy”.

The Glasgow-born chef was found dead at 2am in Melbourne on May 1, the same day MasterChef season 15 was meant to air.

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