'What happens to the rest?': MasterChef star’s steak dish confuses viewers

Kristine Tarbert
Senior Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer

MasterChef fans were left a little baffled after one contestant only served up some of the food they had cooked during Tuesday night’s challenge.

Tessa Boersma’s steak creation got quite a reaction on social media, with plenty of people wondering where the rest of the Tomahawk steak got off too.

Tessa's steak wasn't a big hit. Photo: Channel Ten

Even the judges weren’t too impressed with Tessa’s dish.

Jock Zonfrillo said he thought the steak was “cooked further than it should be” and had “mixed feelings” about the dish.

The aim of the challenge was to choose to either cook with more ingredients and less time, or more time but less ingredients.

Where is the steak?

Fans expressed their concerns about food waste and wondered where the rest of the steak went that Tessa had cooked.

“Did Tessa just cook that entire tomahawk to get one middle piece? What happens to the rest of if,” one viewer asked.

“Did Tessa shove the other 3/4s of the steak in her handbag for her dog,” another mused.

“The plating leaves a lot to be desired,” another thought.

While a fourth added: “It’s disgraceful that Tessa cooked that huge chunk of meat and is only using a slice.

When it comes to the food wastage, fellow contestant Laura had previously revealed extra food is “never wasted”.

“Most of it is donated to food charity SecondBite,” Laura told news.com.au.

Poh’s dessert shocks MasterChef fans

It’s not the first dish viewers have taken to social media for either.

During Monday night’s episode it was Poh’s questionable ice cream flavour that saw MasterChef fans also take to Twitter to express their shock.

The chef created a dessert involving mustard flavoured ice cream, which she made using gold flakes and truffle oil.

"Mustard [ice cream], it's a big no from me. Sorry," wrote one fan.

Another added, "I draw the line at mustard ice cream."

Someone else joked, "Can’t wait to go to an [ice cream] shop and get a gold mustard [ice cream]. NOT!!!"

MasterChef: Back to Win continues Sunday night from 7.30 on Channel 10.

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