'Looks fake': Fans fume over controversial MasterChef moment

MasterChef fans are nothing if not passionate about their favourite show’s top contestants, and have never been scared to call it out when they perceive an unfair decision.

Last night’s immunity cook was no exception to this rule, as contestants were tasked with constructing a plate using ingredients hidden under stainless steel cloches, which they had to pick from at random.

MasterChef Laura cooks in Immunity Challenge win
Laura pulled off a 'faultless' dish. Photo: Ten

If they correctly guessed the ingredients hidden under the covers right, they could keep them for their dish.

The result was that Poh Ling Yeow found herself with just five bizarre ingredients to cook with, including duck, octopus, persimmon, tarragon and yuzu, while Laura Sharrad and Callum Hann had more normal ingredients to play with.

While Laura took out the immunity challenge with a brown butter Moreton Bay bug dish, which the judges described as ‘faultless’, many fans felt it was Poh, who defied the odds with an experimental duck dish with charred persimmons and an octopus emulsion, who deserved the win.

Fans fume as Poh ‘robbed’ of immunity

Many even accused the show of losing its ‘reality’ aspect, given Laura had yet to win an immunity pin before last night, and it made more sense to her ‘storyline’ to give her the pin.

“Poh's was definitely the better dish, but I knew Laura would win as they concentrated on her all night, and kept mentioning that she had never won immunity,’ one fan wrote.

Poh Ling Yeow appears stressed on MasterChef after losing immunity
Fans were devastated that Poh was left empty-handed after her experimental dish. Photo: Ten

Another argued the show was coming across as a ‘fake’ participation event, arguing Poh was the clear winner, and Laura only won the pin because she hadn’t had one yet.

One even threatened to switch off if Poh was sent home on Sunday after missing out on the pin.

A few even wheeled out the old ‘favouritism’ accusation that has peppered Laura’s run this season, after her links to Jock Zonfrillo appeared to land her in a better position than her fellow contestants.

It’s been a rollercoaster of a season, with creative new challenges often leaving fans scratching their heads, as more complex and unusual flavours and ingredients are thrown into the mix each week.

Earlier this week, viewers were left baffled by one very unusual ingredient the contestants found in their mystery boxes.

Meanwhile, the contestants themselves have weathered plenty of criticism from loyal viewers, many of whom are convinced that chefs like Laura are allowed to get away with playing it ‘safe’ with one dish while others are sent home for taking risks.

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