MasterChef fans left scratching their heads over odd ingredient

Sarah Carty
Features & Style Editor

MasterChef is heating up, with only seven chefs left to fight it out for the top spot. 

The competition is getting harder and it seems that the ingredients the chefs are expected to cook with are also getting more obscure. 

This is what was included in last night's mystery box. Photo: Channel 10

After a nail-biting elimination challenge on Sunday saw the contestants blind taste test a plethora of random products, last night, they were presented with a mystery box that looked simple but actually had a few odd ingredients scattered in there. 

Probably the most bizarre ingredient of them all was the caulini or coralflower, which had people online scratching their heads trying to figure out what it was. 

“I couldn’t identify it even if I wanted to,” one person wrote, with another saying they’ve never even heard of it before. 

Poh could be seen at her work station with the caulini beside her. Photo: Channel 10

Caulini or ‘baby cauliflower’ is a cauliflower variety which has long edible stems and blonde, open florets.

It’s thought to have a sweeter taste than a traditional cauliflower and is more tender. 

Others online were skeptical that Coles would stock caulini, as so many had never heard of it before but all the ingredients in the MasterChef pantry are supplied by the retail giant. 

However, a quick search shows that Coles does indeed have caulini in their catalogue, however it’s temporarily out of stock at the moment, perhaps due to seasonal changes. 

Another person said they actually also bought the vegetable at Woolies a couple of months ago but they haven’t seen it on the shelves since. 

Emilia chopping up her caulini last night. Photo: Channel 10
Coles does sell caulini but they are temporarily out of stock. Photo: Channel 10

Callum, Poh and Laura made it through to the immunity cook on last night’s show, after the whipped up two impressive dishes each out of the ingredients in the mystery box. 

The box also included milk, hazelnuts, wattleseeds, thyme, Aussie beef ribeye , parsnips and prickly pear. 

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