MasterChef's Julie Goodwin's brutal swipe at The Project host

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MasterChef Australia star Julie Goodwin joined The Sunday Project panel this weekend and started off the show with a bang.

Fellow panellist Hamish Macdonald introduced the star, and then feigned disappointment that the chef didn’t bring any food to set.

L: Hamish Macdonald on The Project laughing. R: Julie Goodwin looking at Hamish.
MasterChef's Julie Goodwin took a swipe at Hamish Macdonald on The Project. Photo: Ten

“Please put your hands together for the one and only, MasterChef’s Julie Goodwin,” he announced.

“It is great to see you, but I am disappointed now that we’re colleagues, that you didn’t bring snacks,” he quipped.

The chef didn’t miss a beat and shut Hamish down immediately.

“If we’re going to be colleagues Hamish, get used to that!” she retorted, sending waves of laughter through the panel.


“So much nicer in real life!” Hamish replied, while looking amused.

This is Julie’s biggest career move since being eliminated on season 14 of MasterChef: Fans & Favourites.

Julie Goodwin waves at the camera with two hands in a black dress with white polka dots
The star was excited to join The Sunday Project. Photo: Ten

Julie spills on future reality shows

She recently opened up to Yahoo Lifestyle about her previous TV appearances and possible future opportunities.

“You know what, I remember being asked to go on I’m A Celebrity and that was the first season so we didn't have a reference point,” she remarked.

“So they sent me some clips of the British one to have a look at to see if I wanted to do it, and I was watching it with horror with my husband Mick and I just said to him, ‘Oh god Mick, I’d never do this!’. And he went, ‘Yes you will’, and I went, ‘Okay, alright, I’ll say yes then!’.

“At the end of the day, Mick and I have got a pact - we won’t die wondering. So if somebody comes to me with some other crazy scheme, then no doubt I will give it a crack.”

Julie, who released an album of traditional Christmas songs back in 2010, went on to reveal if she would ever want to appear on an upcoming season of The Masked Singer.

“I think I’m getting a bit long in the tooth for a musical career,” she laughed, before adding, “But anything's possible!”

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