'Not MasterChef material': Fans slam chef's 'ridiculous' dish

Sarah Carty
Features & Style Editor

He went out on a limb last night, cooking out of his comfort zone and serving up a violet crumble dessert but fans have slammed Hayden Quinn's dish for not being ‘MasterChef material’. 

Hayden’s nostalgic take on the violet crumble - bee pollen parfait, honeycomb and violet gel - saw him a little out of his depth, landing him in the bottom two beside Harry Foster.

Hayden Quinn has been slammed for his dish on last night's MasterChef. Photo: Instagram/Hayden Quinn

And while Twitter users may have thought Hayden was about to get the boot, Harry’s lobster tail, pippies, uni sea urchin and pickled calamari, left the judges unimpressed, with Mel claiming there were too many flavours fighting each other.  

While Hayden’s flavours complemented each other, fans online slammed the dish and called the season three contestant out for using chips in a previous challenge which saw him saved over eliminated contestant Ben. 

Hayden cooked a dessert, something that is out of his comfort zone. Photo: Instagram/MasterChef
Harry was eliminated after judges were left unimpressed with his flavour combinations. Photo: Instagram/Hayden Quinn

“Harry got screwed! Hayden first used chips out of a bag last week, and now a chocolate bar as a 'Pressure Test' / 'Wow us!' Dish? That was not even close to Wow! And is definitely not MasterChef material,” one person wrote. 

“After an ok start the new judges are showing weakness and favouritism.  I like Hayden but his ice cream was ordinary compared to Harry’s top shelf dish. Losing interest,” another person said. 

“Hayden survives with an out of shape violet crumble after edging out Ben with nachos out of a packet. Something fishy going on here,” an irked fan wrote. 

Not one to shy away from addressing controversy, Hayden has since taken to his Twitter account to hit back at the criticism. 

“You don't want chips out of a packet, don't put them in the pantry,” Hayden said. 

He also retweeted a tweet from comedian Em Rusciano where she called him the ‘elimination assassin’. 

“Harry served up Hogwarts on a plate and you made a choc splice @hayden_quinn - and you’re still safe. Backwards hats off mate, backwards hats off to you sir,” she wrote. 

Other fans stuck up for Hayden calling him a ‘damn good sport’ and saying that ‘fancy doesn’t always mean tasty’. 

“Simple done well can be amazing. Hayden has obviously perfected simple food.”

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