'Mind is blown': MasterChef fans baffled over the correct way to pronounce 'Maggi'

Marni Dixit
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MasterChef fans were left shocked after watching Thursday night's episode and finding out the correct way to pronounce Maggi when an ad for the 2 Minute Noodle brand aired during the show.

The 10-second ad aired during the immunity challenge with the voiceover pronouncing the brand as "Madge-y" not "Maggie", leaving some fans baffled.

MasterChef Reece
MasterChef fans were shocked to discover the correct way to pronounce 'Maggi'. Photo: Ten

"Most important thing we learnt tonight is how Maggi is actually pronounced," wrote one surprised fan.

Someone else wrote, "Wait what I always pronounced Maggi with a hard G."

Maggi noodles
Many fans believed the voiceover had pronounced Maggi wrong. Photo: Ten

Another fan was clearly annoyed, writing, "NO THE AD IS PRONOUNCING MAGGI WRONG ITS A HARD G ITS NOT LIKE MAGIC."

Some users added that the soft 'G' was a pronunciation specific to Australia, "Australia is where I first heard a hard 'g' in Maggi Mee and WHO HURT Y'ALL."

Another added "my mind is blown by the fact" Australia pronounces "Maggi as Majjee".

In the US, the brand is pronounced with a hard G, so it sounds like the name 'Maggie', but in Australia, we use the soft G.

The challenge called for the contestants to "pimp up" instant noodles with only 15 minutes to do so. Jess and Poh moved ahead in the challenge while Reece and Simon were the bottom two.

Jess managed to beat Poh in the second round, winning the immunity challenge.

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