MasterChef contestant's hectic schedule revealed

Sarah Carty
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MasterChef contestant Courtney Roulston may have thought she'd be able to sit back and relax after being eliminated from the show but one look at her schedule at the moment proves that isn’t the case at all.

The Sydney Swans team chef uploaded a snap to her Instagram account recently, showing how hectic her post-show schedule is, with the Back To Win contestant penciled in to have an interview every 10 minutes.

Courtney Roulston in yellow and black on MasterChef
Courtney Roulston was eliminated from the competition last week. Photo: Channel 10

The radio schedule showed Courtney was set up to call into a different station every ten minutes, with three of the shows already ticked off the list.

“Ima gonna be so sick of talking by the end of this today,” Courtney captioned the snap.

Courtney crashed out of the competition last week after a grueling elimination challenge which saw the contestants compete in a pressure test set by judge Jock.

Unfortunately, Courtney struggled through the cook and in the end a prawn’s remaining intestinal tract and an incomplete dish led to her being eliminated from the MasterChef kitchen.

Courtney Roulston screenshot of her radio interview schedule
Courtney unveiled her hectic radio schedule. Photo: Instagram/Courtney Roulston

Courtney later took to Instagram to thank the fans of the show and look back at her MasterChef journey.

“Let me start by saying going back again to compete was not a decision I took lightly. I have worked really hard to get where I am and also have been blessed with many wonderful opportunities since my first stint in that crazy kitchen,” she said.

“I took a chance by going back to see what it would be like & how far I could go.

“Things didn’t go my way this time round in terms of the competition, but I don’t leave empty handed. Look at these beautiful people I got to share it with. Thank you everyone for your kind & supportive messages. Not all was lost!”

Her words come as it appears fans have become fed up with what they’re calling the ‘preferential treatment’ of contestant Poh Ling Yeow.

The chef has consistently impressed the show’s new trio of judges so far, but it seems the positivity is wearing thin for fans at home.

Many were quick to clarify it was the judges’ treatment and not the returning star, they had an issue with.

“Are the judges contractually obligated to heap high praises on Poh’s every dish?” one woman wondered.

“She’s alright as a person, but it’s starting to get old, and it’s only been a few weeks!”

Others worried the show was becoming the ‘Poh show’ and that other contestants are unfairly missing out on screen time.

“Too much of the show focussed on her,” one fan wrote. “So many other more interesting contestants.”

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