MasterChef's Conor hits back at Jock in tense tasting: 'It's you!'

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MasterChef contestants often talk about the huge pressure of being on the show, not only are you cooking for some of the country's best chefs and experts, but you have them constantly loitering around you while preparing your dish.

It probably doesn't help when they offer unhelpful comments, something that Conor certainly knows about after plating up a steak for the judges on Monday night's episode.

Masterchef's Conor
Masterchef's Conor wasn't having any of Jock's jokes on Monday night's episode. Photo: Ten

The contestants had been split into teams and each person was given the responsibility of either a mayonnaise, fish, steak, pasta, curry and dessert.


Clearly nervous, Conor's hands were shaking as he plated the steak and took it over to the judges. 

"Look at that shake!" Jock Zonfrillo exclaimed, with Andy Allen questioning if Conor was alright.

MasterChef judge Jock
Jock enjoys winding up the contestants on the show. Photo: Ten

"It’s you! Every time you make me so nervous Jock," Conor responded quickly.

Melissa Leong was quick to add, "It's OK," as the judges came forward to taste the dishes.

Sadly, Conor's steak was slightly overdone and he wasn't able to bring a point home for his team.

Jock enjoys teasing the contestants, recently making Justin believe he'd served raw chicken to the judges.

All three of the judges were in on the joke with Andy and Melissa looking at him with looks of pity.

MasterChef Justin
Justin fell to the ground after being told his chicken was perfectly cooked. Photo: Ten

Jock then said, "You wanna come and have a look at what you did … or didn’t do?"

Of course, as Justin approached the bench, the show went to an ad break, leaving viewers at home holding their breath.

Thankfully, when the show returned, Jock told Justin, "What you didn’t do … is over or undercook it, it’s bloody perfect!"

Justin, who was clearly very overwhelmed and anxious, immediately dropped to the floor in relief. 

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