MasterChef fans call out judges for sneaky prank

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MasterChef judges Jock Zonfrillo, Melissa Leong and Andy Allen attempted to have a bit of fun on Thursday night by stirring up Justin, one of the contestants. 

Justin was stressing out over his charcoal chicken dish as he noticed it was a little pink when he first looked at it, after revealing his worries to the judges, they decided to have a bit of fun with him.

MasterChef's Jock Zonfrillo
MasterChef's Jock Zonfrillo attempted to prank contestant Justin into thinking his chicken was undercooked leaving fans nervous. Photo: Ten

During the tense tasting session, Jock cut into the chicken and attempted to convince Justin it was raw on the inside.


Looking disappointed, as Melissa and Andy played along, shooting Justin looks of pity, Jock said, "You wanna come and have a look at what you did … or didn’t do?"

Of course, as Justin approached the bench, the show went to an ad break, leaving viewers at home holding their breath.

MasterChef judges inspect chicken
The judges looked at the chicken, with Melissa and Andy playing along with Jock. Photo: Ten
Melissa Leong
Melissa played along, giving Justin a look of pity. Photo: Ten

Thankfully, when the show returned, Jock told Justin, "What you didn’t do … is over or undercook it, it’s bloody perfect!"

Justin, who was clearly very overwhelmed and anxious, immediately dropped to the floor in relief. 

Fans were cheering Justin on from home with one user writing, "Justin’s chicken is actually making my mouth water. Hope it’s cooked."

MasterChef's Justin
Justin was worried from the get-go that his chicken was undercooked so to have the judges playing with him made him very anxious. Photo: Ten

"Yum that chicken looks yum Justin, but don't overcook it," another added.

"Fingers crossed for Justin," someone else wrote.

"Justin really needs to learn what a meat thermometer is," another wrote.

MasterChef's Justin lies on the floor in shock
Success! Justin jokingly lay on the ground after being told his chicken was perfectly cooked. Photo: Ten

"The judges are being such TROLLS, poor Justin," someone else added. "You KNOW that chicken is gonna be fine!"

After the big reveal, one user added, "Man that relief was real! Even I was worried for Justin."

Some fans weren't worried at all, however, with one writing, "I’m literally sitting here watching Jock trying to trick Justin and I feel no emotion. So predictable."

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