Shock and tears after MasterChef's 'horrible twist'

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Fans were left in floods of tears last night after MasterChef fan favourite Amina Elshafei was sent packing during a particularly intense pressure cooking challenge.

Last night, the three judges were joined by guest judge Darren Purchese who revealed the contestants would be making his complex mango passionfruit pavlova – a meringue shell encasing an intricate mango and passionfruit entremet.

MasterChef's Amina crying
Fans were left in tears last night after Amina was eliminated. Photo: Channel 10

And then came the twist that has people up in arms, with one person taking to Twitter to call it “horrible”. With one-hour left of the cook, the judges took away the recipes leaving the contestants to finish off the intricate dish on their own.

After a nail-biting episode, which saw contestants rushing around the kitchen trying to remember all the elements of the dish, it came time for the tasting.

Melissa Leong crying on MasterChef
Judge Melissa Leong could be see tearing up. Photo: Channel 10

While the judges were left impressed with Jess’s near perfect dish, they felt Amina’s meringue was too thin and she was eliminated, with emotions running high.

Judge Melissa Leong had to be comforted by fellow judge Andy Allen and contestants were seen wiping away the tears in the background.

And they weren’t the only ones devastated by Amina’s departure, with people taking to social media in their droves to lament the loss of the fan favourite.

“2020 has just a horrible year. Ozzy fires. Meghan and Harry leave the UK. Impeachment Trial. Brexit. COVID-19. And Amina being eliminated far too early due to some horrible twist,” one person wrote.

MasterChef contestants crying 2020
The contestants didn't look happy about Amina's elimination. Photo: Channel 10

Another person said they weren’t ready for it, saying they were left “bawling”.

“I couldn’t stop the tears... and admit it guys, don’t tell me you weren’t tearing up too,” another person said.

Professional photo of MasterChef 2020's Amina
Amina fell at the last hurdle in a particularly challenging pressure cook. Photo: Channel 10

Others were slightly more angry with the format of last night’s show, with one person saying: “I have been a fan of MasterChef since it’s inception and have loved it. Not such a fan this year. Taking away the recipe last night was ridiculous. I understand it was a pressure test but seriously. Just saying,” one person wrote.

Another agreed saying: .”It’s someone else’s complex recipe and even if they read it before they started there’s no way you will remember all the steps.”

However, one person thought it was “great”, saying: “It forced them to navigate through uncharted territory and to use their skill and intuition, as a Master Chef should. In fact, why give them the recipe in the first place? Anyway, it is Twist Week after all.”

Amina has since taken to her Instagram account to bid farewell to the show after her time on the reality series came to a ‘bittersweet end’.

“It has truly been a sensational one... one that was unforgettable and one that has challenged me beyond my expectations. I have met 23 other phenomenal and passionate contestants who have all laid out their hearts on their dishes every time and some I know I have made lifelong friends,” she wrote.

“I have also had the pleasure to meet @fooderati and @zonfrillo - @andyallencooks you don’t count because I know you already 😝 congratulations on your new roles and you have definitely won the hearts of the #masterchefau audience!

“Lastly an ENORMOUS THANK YOU from my ❤️ to each and every one of you supporters and fans who have been incredibly encouraging and caring. You keep us going and motivated to keep showing you amazing food and it’s your love that keeps @masterchefau the best cooking show in the #world!
Keep watching the show and keep showing us love everyone! Now cue in #boyziimen end of the road song”

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