Marvel’s Kevin Feige Told Hugh Jackman Not To Come Back For ‘Deadpool & Wolverine’

Why ruin a good thing? That was the question facing Hugh Jackman when asked to be a part of the third Deadpool movie after achieving a satisfying farewell in 2017’s Logan.

Even Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige wasn’t sure a Wolverine comeback was the right move.

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“I said, ‘Let me give you a piece of advice, Hugh. Don’t come back’,” Feige recalls in an interview with Empire. Feige said Jackman “had the greatest ending in history with Logan. That’s not something we should undo.”

The 2017 film was a perfect swan song for Jackman’s Wolverine, a conclusion that satisfied Jackman and fans.

In the same Empire piece, Jackman said he went on a long drive to clear his head and think about the project. “I drove for another hour. Couldn’t stop thinking about it. And I got out of the car, called Ryan (Reynolds), and said, ‘Ryan, if you’ll have me, I’m in.’”

Deadpool & Wolverine is taking some liberties. While Jackman is back, this isn’t the same Logan we know from the previous X-Men movies. The idea is to preserve Logan’s goodbye.

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