Martin Scorsese is every dad trying to understand the latest slang—and it’s hilarious

Martin Scorcese and his daughter in viral TikTok
Francesca Scorcese/TikTok

Whether you’re the parent of a teenager or not, we can all admit it’s not always easy keeping up with the latest lingo. If you’re hip to the beat enough to understand what “slay” and “tea” mean but find yourself scratching your head at phrases like “no cap” and “ship,” well, you’re not the only one. Even Martin Scorsese can’t keep up, despite being one of the most famous humans on the planet—and a dad to a Gen Z daughter.

In a video titled “Dad Guesses Slang,” Martin Scorsese’s daughter Francesca plays a fun little game with her dad. And, to be perfectly honest, for being 80 years old and firmly part of the Boomer generation, he ATE. (As the kids would say, he left no crumbs.)

While every single second of this little lesson is an absolute joy, perhaps the best part is when she gives him context clues pertaining to “slept on.”

“‘The King of Comedy’ was ‘slept on,'” she hints.

And then we learn that Martin Scorsese has harbored a 40-year grudge against Entertainment Tonight for criticizing his film. It’s…everything.

He figures out what “hits different” means when Francesca says “Seeing a film on 70mm ‘hits different.'” Honestly, who couldn’t watch a whole series of this? All that’s missing are references to “Goodfellas” and “Casino.'”

Bonus points for her explaining “I ‘ship’ you and mom” and every part of breaking down what “simping” is. He was very, very close to being right on the money.

His response to the meaning of “sneaky link?” “Oh really? In my day, we didn’t see specific people. We had a nice little variety.”

Personally, my oldest child is only eight years old and I’m already having a harder time than I thought I would trying to keep up with the slang and trends of The Youth. I’m not even 40 years old yet and I fully relate to Martin Scorsese when he asks, “How many more of these are left?” because staying current on what’s cool is truly a tiring mental exercise. No cap.