Martin Scorsese and daughter Francesca show off movie memorabilia collection on TikTok

Scorsese even directs Francesca, telling her how to deliver her lines

Ever wonder what the inside of a movie lover's house looks like?

Francesca and Martin Scorsese are here to show you the ultimate movie lover's abode — their own. Francesca, who has become a minor celebrity through her TikTok videos featuring her famous director father, shared a new video showcasing the movie treasures in their home collection.

"We're movie lovers; of course we have film posters all over our house," Francesca kicks off the video, showcasing a hallway lined with posters for films such as 1947's The Paradine Case, 1941's The Shanghai Gesture, and more. One social media user identified every movie poster in a thread.

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Scorsese couldn't resist doing a bit of directing, instructing Francesca to inject more oomph into her delivery. "Do it again," he says from off-camera. "Do that again, it has to have more — you know, you're proud of these posters." She adjusts and he corrects, "It's too big, take that down a bit. Do it in-between."

"Dad, it's a TikTok," she replies with feigned exasperation.

The auteur also appears in the video himself, showing off many of his own beloved items of memorabilia, including vintage film cameras, one of his director's chairs, and the empty case that usually holds the titular red ballet slippers from The Red Shoes. "Right now the red shoes have been loaned out to an exhibition somewhere, sorry," quips Scorsese. For those wondering, they were on loan to London's BFI for their exhibit, "The Red Shoes: Beyond the Mirror," celebrating the film's 75th anniversary.

There's also a massive screening room playing TCM ("all the time," the director notes), a DVD collection (we spy a ton of Criterions), and an automaton from Scorsese's Hugo.

<p>Steve Granitz/FilmMagic</p> Francesca and Martin Scorsese

Steve Granitz/FilmMagic

Francesca and Martin Scorsese

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Francesca ends the video declaring it "impossible to choose a favorite film director," only for the camera to pull back and reveal her sporting a T-shirt bearing a sketch of her father's face.

The father-daughter duo have been steadily building a following as TikTok content creators, culminating in a Super Bowl commercial for SquareSpace that referenced some of their collaborations, including one where Francesca teaches Scorsese some modern slang.

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