Martha Stewart Adds 2 Cute New Barn Kitties to Her Stable

Our favorite lifestyle queen and Snoop Dogg's best friend Martha Stewart recently shared an adorable snap of two new kittens she has added to her world.

Check out these two sweet furry babies! One looks to be a Tabby and the other a Calico.

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Stewart commented on the photo, "Two new kittens for the stable complex they are adapting well to a busy and exciting environment where they will play an important part They are cinco and mayo photos by stable manager @alanabluemoon"

One person, who may have been where the kittens originated from, commented, "I’m just sooooo happy these two kitties found the perfect home with you! We miss them but hope to see them soon!" Another added, "They are both absolutely beautiful! If I had to choose one, I would not be able to. I love them both so much! Wishing them each a happy, healthy life surrounded by love."

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There's just nothing cuter than kittens especially when they have each other to play with.

So the only hint we have that these cats may be working cats is Stewart's comment, "where they will play an important part" which leads us to believe that these cuties may be working barn cats.

What Are Working Cats?

Barn cats. <p>KPiv/Shutterstock</p>
Barn cats.


Working cats are either domesticated or stray cats that are employed to perform specific tasks, usually related to pest control, in places like farms, warehouses or neighborhoods. These cats use their natural hunting instincts to help manage populations of rodents and other small pests.

Sometimes these cats come from T_N_R programs (Trap, neuter, return) where after they are neutered and given vaccinations they are once again released back to where they came from.

Working cats are primarily used to keep mice and rat populations in check. Their presence alone can deter mice and rats, and their hunting skills help reduce pest numbers. Working cats, often called barn cats, are used on farms to control rodent populations in barns and stables. A lot of people would rather have a cat control their rodent population then use things like traps or chemical pesticides. Places like the Working Cat Project help to place barn cats in cities in Kentucky.

These working cat programs are a win/win, the cats provide pest control while the cats themselves get a safe place to live and be cared for where they might otherwise be homeless or euthanized.