MAFS' Martha sparks frenzy for $28 foundation: 'Favourite of all time'

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Former MAFS star Martha Kalifatidis is known for her flawless complexion.

But despite her high glam look, her makeup doesn't cost a fortune.

The influencer recently shared the contents of her makeup bag on Instagram - and the hero product is just $28.

A montage of cosmetics from the beauty bag of former MAFS star Martha Kalifatidis swears by showing MCo Beauty's concealer and foundation. The bag sits on a wooden table surface, with a cup of Chinese herbs.
Former MAFS star Martha Kalifatidis swears by MCo Beauty's concealer and foundation to achieve her flawless skin. Photo: Instagram

She revealed her favourite foundation is MCo Beauty's Ultrastay Flawless Foundation, which gives her skin the polished look she's so well known for.

She also uses MCo Beauty's Instant Camouflage and Contour Concealer, which is just $22.


She also uses some more expensive additions to her makeup bag; Charlotte Tilbury's airbrush bronzer, $75, and Nars Sheer Glow foundation, $83.48.

Her makeup bag is bulging with products, including another Charlotte Tilbury product and a blending sponge.

The 34-year old also revealed she drinks Chinese herbs to help with her general health.

Martha is currently on holiday in Europe with her fiance Michael Brunelli, and has been extolling the virtues of wearing sunscreen to keep her skin in great condition.

"One of us wears sunscreen," she wrote pointedly while sharing a picture of the couple in Sardinia.

Martha and Michael Brunelli pictured in clear blue water with rocks behind. She stands behind him with her arm around his neck while he takes a selfie.
Martha knows the importance of looking after her skin with sunscreen, as well as wearing great makeup. Photo: Instagram
A screenshot from Martha's social media, showing a partial shot of her neck and shoulder, with words of advice for skincare and makeup superimposed over the photo.
Martha says water, sleep and liner help her look great. Photo: Instagram

As well as wearing sunscreen, she talked about what else she does to look after her skin.

"I do drink a tonne of water every single day," she said.

"I need eight hours of sleep, if I don't get it, I'm a demon.

"Lipliner will fix a multitude of sins and insecurities; once you find 'your shade', don't be seen without it."

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