Get a better night's sleep with these bedding buys

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The right bedding can make or break a good night's sleep.

A too-soft mattress, an unsupportive pillow, or being too hot or cold can all disrupt your snooze time.

Here are some of the best products to maximise your precious time under the doona.

A woman lies with a contented smile on white bedding under white covers.
The right mattress and pillows make all the difference.



Emma Comfort foam mattress, now $799.40 for queen size

One of's top scoring mattresses, its layers of memory foam adapt to your body, so there are no pressure points.

It's designed to keep your spine, hips, and shoulders aligned and supported in every possible position, and is ideal for back, front and side sleepers.

It also regulates temperature and humidity through a climate control fibre which ensures air circulation.

An Emma Comfort foam mattress on a wooden bed frame against a blue feature wall in a bedroom setting.
The Emma Comfort foam mattress is now $799.40 for a queen. Photo: Emma Sleep

Sleep Republic Mattress, $1,299 for queen size

This "mattress in a box", was voted by as one of the best on the market.

The top cover is made from a smooth cashmere knitted fabric, sitting over a layer of gel-infused memory foam, then a layer of 100% natural latex which sits over 2,500 pocket springs.

The result is a mattress that gives good pressure relief and is well ventilated.

It suits all sleeping positions too.

a man in jeans and black t-shirt relaxes on a mattress and pillows in a bedroom scene.

Mattress Toppers

MiniJumbuk Sleep Therapy Wool Mattress Topper, $524.99 for queen size

It's not cheap, but this topper has multiple cushioning layers that are designed to reduce body pressure points.

It's made from a 100% Australian wool fleece, which is springy, and helps disperse body weight over a wider area.

Plus, it's reversible for summer and winter, so you never get too hot or cold.

A white room with a bed covered in a MiniJumbuk Sleep Therapy Wool Mattress Topper, $524.99. The room also includes a round mirror, plants and bedside tables.

Hilton Relax Therapy 10cm Memory Foam Mattress Topper, $679 for a queen size

Made with 10cm of gel-infused memory foam, this is designed to keep you cool as well as comfortable.

As well as conforming to the natural shape of your body, it has a removable cooling cover with a side mesh to improve ventilation and airflow, so you don't feel too hot.

A white Hilton Relax Therapy 10cm Memory Foam Mattress Topper sits on a white mattress with white pillows and a grey fabric bed board, with lamp on a bedside table.


Ecosa Pillow, $120

This pillow regularly tops "best pillow" lists, due to its versatility.

It's made from activated charcoal memory foam which is antibacterial, and prevents odours.

You can adjust the height so it suits your size and sleeping position perfectly, which should alleviate pressure points and help with neck pain.

A man lies in side view on a contoured pillow with a white brick fireplace in the background.

Emma Foam Pillow, $120

This breathable and hypoallergenic pillow is customisable so you can ensure it suits your sleeping style.

It's made from several layers of foam that you can add or remove, so it's perfectly comfortable.

One of the layers is a ZeroGravity foam that provides weightless support, one is HRX Supreme Foam which gives a firmer support, and one is soft and ultra-breathable Airgocell® foam.

You can mix and match until you find the right combination for you.

A white Emma Foam Pillow sits on a grey and white Emma mattress on a grey bed with grey head board.

Weighted blankets

Calming Blankets Hand Woven Weighted Blanket, $309

A weighted blanket can help decrease stress and relax you, helping you get a better night's sleep.

This woven blanket is great in all temperatures, has no shifting weights or beads inside, like some other weighted blankets, and looks great too.

A woman sits reading under a grey Calming Blankets Hand Woven Weighted Blanket, $309 in a bedroom setting.

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