'I'm freaking out': The x-rated photo giving MAFS' Mike anxiety

Gillian Wolski
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MAFS star Mike Gunner opened up about his x-rated anxiety. Photo: supplied.

Married At First Sight’s resident “love rat” Mike Gunner, 44, has revealed that an x-rated incident from his past still gives him anxiety to this day.

On Wednesday, the reality star opened up to Jana Hocking on her podcast, Sex Love Magic.

While the one-time Mr Heidi Latcham told Jana that he has “no complaints, no regrets” about his time on the dating show, there is something he wishes he could change.

You’ve got mail

The pair were tackling the subject of nude photos, with Mike admitting that he received more than a few sexy snaps from random women on Instagram following his appearance on MAFS.

He went on to say that he’d never been tempted to reciprocate with is own x-rated pic.

“I don’t send dick pics and never have so there’s not any out [there],” he said.

But that wasn’t the exact truth, with Mike quickly backtracking on his previous statement.

“Do you know what, I’ll be honest with you, I sent a girl [a nude photo] and I’ve been waiting ...” he trailed off.

Jana jumped in, asking, “Have you been freaked out this whole time that it’s going to come out?”

“Yes!” Mike responded, adding, “You know you’re not sending many dick pics when you know there’s just the one out there.”

“It’s a good one though,” he laughed.

He went on to sheepishly admit that he’d used the editing tool on his phone to “colour in the ‘downstairs bit’” to indicate the “scale.”

So, has he asked his ex to keep the saucy snap - which he sent a few years ago - to herself? “I don’t want her to remember and think ‘that’s right, it’s on my phone!’” he said.

It’s worth noting that new legislation passed by Australia’s parliament in 2018 means that sharing intimate images online without consent is now punishable by jail time and large fines.

Mike’s many loves

Mike and his MAFS ‘wife’ Heidi’s relationship famously didn’t last long, with the pair shocking viewers by arriving separately at the reunion show.

The electrician was widely criticised for his behaviour toward Heidi, with many calling him out for 'gaslighting' her. It’s understood that they are no longer on speaking terms.

After MAFS, Mike was briefly linked to Casey Stewart, the daughter of ‘The World's Hottest Grandma’, Gina Stewart.

Mike told Jana that he’s since watched the show back “more than once” which has helped him to make some changes when it comes to relationships.

“In love you’ve got to be a little gentler,” he said.

It seems that Mike’s new approach may be paying off - he’s now coupled up with aspiring Queensland model Jessica Williamson.

Rumours of their budding romance began in April after Mike commented on a photo of Jessica shared by Epic Talent, who also represent Mike.

"WOW. She looks gorgeous," Mike gushed.

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