MAFS' Josh comes to Connie's defence after Cathy's 'mean girl' comment

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Fans of Married At First Sight were shocked last week when Cathy Evans claimed fellow bride, Connie Craydon, had ‘mean girl motives’.

And now, Cathy’s ‘husband’ on the show, Josh Pihlak, has come to Connie’s defence, after the pair posted a picture together to Instagram.

Josh and Connie in white tops from MAFS
MAFS star Josh had come to Connie's defence on Instagram. Photo: Instagram/Josh Pihlak

“I heard she’s a bully”, one person commented on the photo, to which Josh replied: “No way, one of the most nicest and genuine person you could meet”.

The photo had others questioning whether or not the pair were on a date when it was taken, with fellow groom Drew adding flames to the fire by commenting saying: “A couple of absolute legends” with a love heart face emoji.

Connie had ‘mean girl motives’

Josh’s comment comes just days after Cathy Evans claimed viewers didn’t see the real Connie Craydon, with the logistics investigator saying she was a different person on-screen to what she was like off-screen.

“They didn’t showcase all of Connie. They showed her to be this shy, sweet girl when for us girls, she wasn’t really like that. She’s actually a lot more bubbly and confident if anything, like she wasn’t shy. She had more of a mean girl motive,"Cathy told Lisa, Sarah, Dan and Ben on their hit90.0 breakfast program.

"She was always with the boys and stuff. And she always wanted to stay away from the girls because they were a threat to her. I’d always notice that she’s be right in the middle of the boys and there was obvious flirting."

Cathy and Lizzie on MAFS
It comes after Cathy claimed Connie had 'mean girl motives' on the show. Photo: Channel Nine
Connie on Married At First Sight
Cathy said Connie had a connection with Josh. Photo: Channel Nine

When asked if she was more of a pot stirrer, Cathy said “100%”.

According to Cathy, Connie had a good connection with Drew and Josh.

Cathy finds love

Cathy’s words come after she revealed to Yahoo Lifestyle in an Instagram Live chat that she's moved on following her failed 'marriage' with Josh Pihlak.

in the final episode, Cathy and Josh weren't given much air time, so, when asked if she had wanted to say anything during the finale she said: "I would have said that I really tried so hard in the relationship and, if anything, it was a blessing that it didn't work out.

"Because I've found someone so much better now and I think that I've worked on character development for myself and it's helped me see that I'm actually a really strong and patient person. I guess that's probably all I could say because there's nothing more to say about our relationship now.

Speaking more about her mystery man she revealed, "They're just a private person, they're not a person who's famous or anything, it's just a normal citizen of Australia."

She went on to say, "My current partner is my dream man! Now I feel like I've hit the jackpot!"

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