MAFS star Melissa Rawson shares major parenting milestone

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New mum and former Married At First Sight star Melissa Rawson has reached a major parenting milestone with her twin boys, who arrived 10 weeks early back on October 16.

The 32-year-old shared a video to her Instagram Stories on Thursday showing her cuddling one of her tiny sons at a Melbourne hospital where they're being cared for in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.

MAFS star Melissa Rawson cuddles one of her twin sons in the hospital
MAFS star Melissa Rawson cuddled one of her twin sons, who arrived 10 weeks early. Photo: Instagram/lissrawson.

Melissa's twins milestone

With her little one wrapped in a striped blanket on her chest, Melissa revealed how she'd been able to breastfeed her babies after overcoming blocked milk ducts.

She thanked her followers for their suggestions on how to treat the common condition which can be painful and may impact the ability to breastfeed.

"Thank you all so much for your tips and advice on how to relieve blocked milk ducts," Melissa said from her chair in the NICU.

"I think I've got it [fixed] now and all of your suggestions were definitely very useful. I did the massage, hot shower and a hot and cold compress," she added.


Two side by side black and white photos of MAFS’ Melissa Rawson touching her premature twin sons' hands in hospital. Photo: Instagram/lissrawson.
Melissa shared these sweet black and white snaps of her twin sons' hands. Photo: Instagram/lissrawson.

Melissa, who shares twins Levi and Tate with MAFS co-star Bryce Ruthven, went on to say that she also had a visit with the hospital's lactation consultant.

"I was coming up to see the bubbies anyway but I had to get that all sorted and thankfully I think I've got a bit of relief, so thank so much for all of the good advice, it definitely helped."

Later that evening, Melissa shared another video during Melbourne city's major electrical storm which caused a power outage just as she was about to pump some breastmilk.

"Course the power goes out as I'm about to express," she said.

Melissa and Bryce on MAFS.
Melissa and Bryce have revealed their twin sons’ names. Photo: Instagram/lissrawson

Levi and Tate

Just over a week after welcoming their twin boys into the world, proud parents Bryce Ruthven and Melissa Rawson finally announced their sons' 'unique' names: Levi and Tate.

“We wanted unique names that had a modern feel to them,” Bryce told New Idea.

“We also wanted names that promote positivity for them and our new family. Levi means ‘harmony among others’ and Tate means ‘cheerful’ so it suits them perfectly.”

Melissa added: “We had some other names in mind, but we always came back to those two.”

Before finding out the sex of their twins, the reality TV couple told A Current Affair in August that they had a list of 10 'very unique' boy and girl names that were a 'real testament' to their relationship.

MAFS Bryce and Melissa on ACA.
Bryce and Melissa previously said that the unique names for their twins were a ‘real testament’ to their relationship. Photo: Channel Nine

Bryce and Melissa have made sure to keep their fans updated on their boys' progress. On Monday, Melissa posted two sweet black and white snaps of her sons' tiny hands along with a heartfelt caption.

"On October 16th, 2021, our lives changed forever. Our beautiful twin boys, Levi and Tate Ruthven entered this world 10 weeks earlier than expected.

"Our love for them is greater than anything we could have ever imagined and while these next 9 weeks are going to be agony as they battle their way through NICU and SCN, I cannot wait for that moment where they are in my arms on their way home."

MAFS' Melissa and Bryce's Instagram stories.
Melissa and Bryce recently shared updates about their sons from hospital. Photos: Instagram/lissrawson / bryceruthven

The couple announced the exciting news that they had welcomed their twins into the world at Frankston Hospital in Melbourne with an adorable video on Instagram on October 18.

Levi and Tate will spend the next few weeks in NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) until they're given the all-clear to go home.

Additional reporting by Lachlan Guertin.

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