Married At First Sight 2023's full cast revealed: 'Celebrity twist'

Married At First Sight's 10th season is currently midway through production in Sydney.

This year producers have introduced a 'celebrity twist', by casting participants with large social media followings and past TV experience.

Eight of the Married At First Sight contestants for 2023
The Married At First Sight contestants for 2023 have been revealed. Photo: Instagram

From a TikTok sensation with 500,000 devoted fans to an already famous British reality star and a former Neighbours actor and a rock star, this year's brides and grooms are anything but ordinary everyday Aussies.

A show source tells Yahoo that the decision to cast existing public figures was a strategic one by producers.

“This year's cast have almost one million followers between them and some are already classed as celebrities in certain circles. Producers are hoping this will equate to record-breaking ratings and attract more younger viewers than ever before,” the source says.

“Every year there's pressure to be bigger than the season prior and having a cast full of people already comfortable on camera, who know how to perform, also makes it easier for drama to unfold.”


Meet the brides

Evelyn Ellis from Sydney
Evelyn Ellis from Sydney. Photo: Instagram/evelyn.ellis

Reality star Evelyn Ellis

Big Brother UK star Evelyn Ellis, 26, recently joined the cast for the upcoming 10th season as an intruder. The Sydney-based bride already boasts 64,000 Instagram followers.

Tahnee Cook from Bondi
Tahnee Cook from Bondi. Photo: Instagram/itstahnee

Podcaster Tahnee Cook

Bondi-based Tahnee, 27, is the co-host of popular Australian podcast The Like Us Girls, and already has almost 50,000 followers across all of her social media platforms.

Bronte Schofield from Perth
Bronte Schofield from Perth. Photo: Instagram/_bronteschofield

Influencer Bronte Schofield

Perth-based Bronte Schofield is a micro-influencer with almost 11,000 followers on Instagram.

Janelle Han from Perth
Janelle Han from Perth. Photo: Instagram/janellemyh

TikTok star Janelle Han

Perth-based Janelle Han has built an audience of over 500,000 fans on TikTok thanks to her makeup tutorials and artistry. She has already signed to MGMT, the management company that looks after stars such as Pip Edwards.

Melinda Willis from Brisbane
Melinda Willis from Brisbane. Photo: Instagram/melindarichelle

Influencer and entrepreneur Melinda Willis

Melinda Willis is a popular influencer from Brisbane, who has 150,000 Instagram followers, and a successful entrepreneur. She is the CEO of Australian beauty brand Feather Sisters, director of fashion brand BSSA and owner of a salon and premium eyelash brand.

Caitlin McConville from Queensland
Caitlin McConville from Queensland. Photo: Instagram/caitlinmcconville

Influencer Caitlin McConville

Caitlin McConville is an influencer and make-up artist from Queensland, who already has 17,500 Instagram followers and is 'destined for OnlyFans', according to Daily Mail Australia.

Alyssa Barmonde from Sydney
Alyssa Barmonde from Sydney. Photo: Instagram/alyssabakescakes

Food influencer Alyssa Barmonde

Alyssa Barmonde is a single mother and baker from Sydney's Northern Beaches, who has amassed an Instagram following of 18,700 thanks to her baking content.

Lyndall Grace from Perth
Lyndall Grace from Perth. Photo: Instagram/10dall

Singer Lyndall Grace

Lyndall Grace, 27, is a singer-songwriter from Perth. The musician was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis at birth, and works with multiple charities raising money to 'fund vital support services and research for people living with the disorder'.

Mel Shepherd from Sydney
Mel Shepherd from Sydney. Photo: Instagram/melshepps

Hairdresser Mel Shepherd

Sydney-based Mel Shepherd is one of the older brides this year and owns a salon on the Northern Beaches. She has likely been getting advice on how to handle her impending reality TV fame from close friend The Block's Mitch Edwards.

Sandy Jawanda from Melbourne
Sandy Jawanda from Melbourne. Photo: Instagram/sandyjawanda

Dentist Sandy Jawanda

Melbourne-based Sandy Jawanda is the owner of boutique cosmetic and general dentistry Smiles of Plenty in Yarrambat.

Claire Nomarhas from Melbourne
Claire Nomarhas from Melbourne. Photo: Facebook/claire.nomarhas

Childcare worker Claire Nomarhas

Claire Nomarhas is a childcare worker from Melbourne who sources are saying is set to find herself in the middle of plenty of drama on the upcoming season.

Meet the grooms

Layton Mills from Sydney
Layton Mills from Sydney. Photo: Instagram/laymills

Reality star Layton Mills

Sydney-based Layton Mills is a former dating show contestant after appearing on Seven's First Dates in 2016. The hunk is also a successful entrepreneur, and the founder and CEO of AusCann, an 'Australian-based company focused on the development and commercialisation of cannabinoid-derived therapeutic products to address unmet needs for humans and animals'.

Londoner Adam Seed who lives in Sydney
Londoner Adam Seed who lives in Sydney. Photo: Instagram/laymills

TikTok star Adam Seed

TikTok star Adam Seed, who splits his time between Sydney and London, is a model, micro- influencer with over 12,000 followers and co-owner of Meta Competitions.

Shannon Adams from Melbourne
Shannon Adams from Melbourne. Photo: Facebook/General Public Performance

Actor Shannon Adams

Melbourne-based Shannon Adams is a personal trainer and former actor, who had roles in Blue Heelers, Neighbours and Rush when he was younger.

Jesse Burford from Western Australia
Jesse Burford from Western Australia. Photo: Instagram/jesse_burford

Rock star Jesse Burford

Perh-based Jesse Burford is a self-described 'rockstar' who performs live around Western Australia, and an 'alternative' marriage celebrant. The soon-to-be reality star states on his website he offers 'non-shit weddings for couples who rock' and his services are 'untraditional, full of banter and rock'.

Dan Hunjas from the Gold Coast
Dan Hunjas from the Gold Coast. Photo: Instagram/danhunj

Entrepreneur Dan Hunjas

Dan Hunjas is a Gold Coast-based marketing agency owner who 'lives a life full of adventure, fun, fitness and fast cars'. He is planning on opening his own tequila bar once he finishes filming Married At First Sight

Harrison Boon from Sydney
Harrison Boon from Sydney. Photo: Instagram/harrison_boon_

Stripper Harrison Boon

Harrison Boon is a Sydney-based construction worker who works part-time as a topless waiter and stripper.

Ollie Skelton from Perth
Ollie Skelton from Perth. Photo: Supplied

Voice-over artist Ollie Skelton

Perth-based Oliver 'Ollie' Skelton is a voice-over artist, who has voiced adverts for brands such as advertisements for Kmart, Manscaped and Koala Mattress. He currently works for Southern Cross Australia as an account manager in direct sales.

Duncan James from Sydney
Duncan James from Sydney. Photo: Supplied

Insurance broker Duncan James

Duncan James, an insurance broker from Sydney's Northern Beaches, is tipped to be the gentleman of this year's season.

Joshua White from Sydney
Joshua White from Sydney. Photo: Supplied

Senior marketer Joshua White

Joshua White is a Sydney-based marketing genius and may be one of this year's oldest grooms but is still tipped to bring some entertainment. “He will cry and make a fool of himself,” one person, who knows him personally, recently commented.

Cam Woods from the Northern Territory
Cam Woods from the Northern Territory. Photo: Instagram/yepcams_on

Tradie Cam Woods

Northern Territory-based Cam Woods is known as 'the travelling tradie' after documenting his 'remote work and the amazing things he's seen along the way' online.

Rupert Bugden from Brisbane
Rupert Bugden from Brisbane. Photo: Instagram/rupertbugden

Sparky Rupert Bugden

Brisbane-based electrician Rupert Bugden is one of this year's intruders and is described as a 'genuine guy looking for love' by Daily Mail Australia.

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