Married At First Sight 2022: Meet the MAFS intruders

As if there isn't enough drama on Married At First Sight! To mix things up, six intruders are entering the experiment.

These three couples will be dropped in at the deep end, not only to navigate their own new relationships, but to enter the dinner party fray with the other contestants.

Montage of three wedding couples, brides in white and men in black suits.
Three new couples are joining Married At First Sight this week. Photo: Nine Network

Who will they make allegiances with? Who will they clash with? Most importantly, will any of them partner swap, as in previous years?


There is only one way to find out what drama they will bring – by watching the show, but first, let's meet these brave new brides and grooms ...

Carolina, 33, online business owner from NSW

Originally from Brazil, single mum Carolina has had to be tough and resilient after some hard starts in life.

Her father died before she was born and she fell pregnant with her son at age 15 to her high school boyfriend.

She admits the absence of a father figure and good men in her life led her to some bad decisions.

Brazilian Carolina wears her long dark hair tied back and a strapless tight lace gown with a train and a bunch of white roses.
Brazilian Carolina is one of the "intruders" on Married At First Sight this week. Photo: Nine Network

She felt the need to fill the gap with any male she could date, so she was eternally in a relationship, settling for all the wrong men, just to have a father figure.

Things often escalate and end in drama for Carolina, including her latest relationship, which tanked after she found out he was cheating.

Can she find the right man on MAFS after a little help from the experts?

Jessica, 27, retail assistant from Victoria

Jessica has also had to face adversity, becoming an only child at the age of 12 after losing her older sister to breast cancer.

That experience made her grow up quickly, but she also developed a fear of abandonment, which extended to dating, attaching herself to guys even when they treated her badly.

Jessica wears a white semi-transparent gown with plunging neckline, her long dark hair is loose and she carries multi-coloured roses.
Jessica hopes to find her perfect match on Married At First Sight. Photo: Nine Network

But she does have a good idea of what she wants her relationship to be like.

Even after 50 years of marriage, her parents are best friends and epitomise a perfect marriage for Jess.

Jessica says her ideal husband will be protective and confident, with a soft side.

Kate, 38, clinical nutritionist from Victoria

Despite her age, Kate has never been in a relationship, never had a partner — and never had anyone say "I love you".

Rather than facing the constant disappointment of dating, Kate holes up watching romantic movies with her best friend and housemate, her equally single twin sister.

When Kate has ventured out into the dating world, she has accepted whatever male attention is thrown her way, even by guys who treat her badly.

Kate wears a strapless lacy gown, veil and swirling skirt with pink roses. Her long blonde hair is loose.
Kate is turning to the experts to help her find her first, and hopefully last, partner on Married At First Sight. Photo: Nine Network

The repeated rejections and put-downs have left her feeling unworthy of love and lacking any confidence with the opposite sex.

The idea of being in the same loveless, lonely situation for the next ten years terrifies Kate.

She hopes Married At First Sight will be the beginning of true love with a man who shows her the affection she craves.

Daniel, 30, personal trainer from Queensland

Daniel's childhood was fraught with instability and tragedy.

After his parents separated, he and his siblings lived with their alcoholic father, no longer having a relationship with their mum.

Then at 17, his older brother took his own life.

It was then Daniel turned to fitness for solace and discipline.

He learned how to work hard and to show up even when you don't feel like it — something he does in every aspect of life.

New groom Daniel in his dark suit and tie with white shirt on Married At First Sight 2022. He has short dark hair and facial hair.
Daniel hopes to find a healthy and happy relationship on Married At First SighI. Photo: Nine Network

Daniel is now confident, successful and driven and hopes to be a role model to his seven-year-old niece — his "most important person in the world".

When she was born, Daniel took on a fatherly role, and his goal is to show her a healthy relationship and develop a stable family environment of his own.

Dion, 33, property developer from Queensland

Dion has built up a successful career and enjoys the finer things in life: designer clothes, cars, boats and helicopters.

However, despite the glamour, Dion is over the single life and desperate for someone to join his big Italian family and share his success.

New groom Dion in his tuxedo on Married At First Sight 2022. He has short dark hair and wears a bow tie.
Dion loves the high life and wants to find someone to share it with on Married At First Sight. Photo: Nine Network

A family man at his core, Dion is a generous, kind and caring gentleman who showers his family with love and can often be found on the phone to his mum, dad, Nonna and Nonno, several times a day.

He is looking for a woman he can settle down and have a family with and hopes his bold move to marry a stranger might just work for him.

Matt, 39, law clerk from Queensland

Matt's been married before.

He and his ex-wife went through years of heartbreakingly unsuccessful IVF, so they turned to fostering children — more than 27.

Eventually, the stresses took their toll, and after seven years the marriage ended.

Matt has been single ever since.

New groom Matt in his dark suit and tie on Married At First Sight 2022. He has dark hair and facial hair.
Matt hopes to find someone he can start a family with on Married At First Sight. Photo: Nine Network

He has a great job and a bunch of friends — the only thing missing is the love story.

Matt's relationship role models are his parents, who have been happily married for more than 45 years, and he hasn't given up on his dreams of becoming a dad.

Married At First Sight, Sunday at 7pm and Monday – Wednesday at 7.30pm on Nine

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