The sign MAFS' Mark and Ning are well and truly over

Kristine Tarbert
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While rumours swirled that Mark and Ning had rekindled their romance after the Married at First Sight reunion, it appears they have well and truly moved on from each other.

Mark had taken to Instagram after their brutal breakup aired to thank Ning “for the memories”, but the pair have now officially unfollowed one another on the social platform.

The morning after the reunion was broadcast, Ning had given viewers hope the pair would mend their relationship when she told Hit 103.5’s Carly & Seamus, “Let’s just say I went back to his place after the reunion.”

“Look, anything is possible, and of course we still talk. Our relationship has been under the microscope the whole time, so sometimes things are better left unsaid … I’m not confirming or denying anything.”

However, Ning now no longer follows Mark on Instagram, and likewise, Mark doesn’t follow Ning.

“You are a cool chick who is a good kind of koo koo bananas and I'm a better person from our time together,” Mark wrote after the reunion aired.

Following the shock walk-out on the mother-of-three during their final commitment ceremony, Ning admitted she ‘analysed everything’ the couple had been through till that point.

“After I arrived home, I messaged Mark because I was so confused by what had happened,” she told 9Honey.

Photo: Channel Nine

But both Ning and Mark had 'resolved things' after their brutal MAFS split.

The couple surprised everyone when one decided to commit and the other chose to break it off.

“Ning, I came on here to find love but I haven’t found it with you,” said Mark.

“Even though my feelings for you are strong, I don’t see these feelings being strong enough to survive after the experiment ends and they aren’t strong enough strong enough to move your entire life and three children to another city for me.

“In you, I’ve found an awesome person that I respect, admire, adore, this has been one of the most,” he continued, before Ning interrupted.

“Just stop,” she said. “This is bulls***.”

“I didn’t find love with you Mark but I wanted to give it a go.”

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