Margot Robbie's awkward Barbie blunder on The Project: 'What does it mean?'

The actress begged fans not to blame her blonde hair for the blunder.

Barbie star Margot Robbie suffered an awkward fail on The Project on Thursday night when she momentarily forget what 'barbie' means in Australia.

The 32-year-old actress is currently in Australia promoting the film, which is set for release on July 20, and was surprised when The Project co-host Sam Taunton asked the film's director Greta Gerwig if Margot had told her what 'barbie' means to Aussies.

Margot Robbie on The Project
Margot Robbie's Thursday night appearance on The Project quickly became awkward when she forgot what 'barbie' means in Australia. Photo: Ten

"[Barbie] does mean so much to so many people," he began. "I'm not sure if Margot filled you in on this Greta, but the word 'barbie' means something else in Australia. Did you brief Greta about this?"

"What does it mean here?" the Queensland-born star questioned, seemingly confused.


"Like a barbecue," Sam responded, also looking confused, with Margot quickly realising her mistake, leaving the desk in hysterics.

"I was like, 'Oh God, we've lost her!'" co-host Georgie Tunny said.

Margot Robbie laughing on The Project
Margot was left in hysterics, begging viewers not to blame her blonde hair for the mistake. Photo: Ten

"I'm so Barbie now I can't even..." Margot said through laughter, looking sheepish. "A barbie, yeah... having a barbie."

"I'm blaming the jet lag by the way, don't blame the blonde hair, blame the jet lag," the actress added.

Sam joked that he thought it would have been the perfect Aussie promotion to have a barbecue with Barbie.

"I'm deeply regretting that there's not now that you mention it, wasted opportunity!" Margot responded. "I'm really annoyed we didn't do something like this!"

Margot reveals secret behind THAT Barbie scene

In the interview, Margot also revealed how they shot the iconic scene where Barbie steps out of her shoes. Photo: Warner Bros
In the interview, Margot also revealed how they shot the iconic scene where Barbie steps out of her shoes. Photo: Warner Bros

During the episode, Margot and Greta also revealed how they pulled off the iconic scene from the film that fans have seen in the trailer, where Barbie steps out of her shoes and her feet are perfectly arched like the doll.

Georgie asked whether it was actually Margot in the scene and whether or not there were special effects.


"Yes, it is me, no, it's no special effects, you'd be amazed how few VFX there are in this film actually," Margot explained. "We didn't do that many takes of it, and I kind of held on to a bar so I was steady once I stepped [out], we just put double-sided tape on the floor so my shoes would stay still. I did have a pedicure that morning..."

Greta added that Margot "has the nicest feet" so they didn't want to CGI anything.

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