Margot Robbie trolled over major 'photoshop fail'

Penny Burfitt
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Margot Robbie is at the centre of a major photoshop fail. Photo: Getty Images

When we think photoshop fails we tend to think of avid Instagram influencers enhancing curves or the Kardashians playing with body parts, but it turns out even an Oscar nominee can fall afoul of the notoriously fickle editing program, or at least very much look like they have.

The latest actor to be implicated in a photoshop disaster is none other than Margot Robbie, whose new Instagram post is raising several thousand eyebrows and prompting rumours that we have a photoshop fail on our hands.

The Once Upon a Time in Hollywood star left fans befuddled with a black and white portrait from a Vogue Australia photoshoot that seemed to be missing one very important thing.

A leg.

Not only does she appear to have misplaced her right leg, but the left leg is also looking a little out of proportion to the rest of her body, and the overall effect has people everywhere scratching their heads over the bizarre snap.

Fans bemused

Despite the acclaimed actor looking typically stunning in the shot, the leg situation, or lack thereof, was all fans could talk about in the comments section.

“Rip Margot's legs,” one wrote.

“Cute but where's your other leg?” another queried.

“So pretty but what on earths happening to her legs?” was one of the kinder concerns.

Others embraced the new look, working it into expressions of admiration for the talented Aussie.

“One legged queen,” an avid fan wrote.

Some got stuck in a vortex of trying to decipher what exactly was going on with the photo.

“I don't... understand... is that a leg?” one woman asked.

Another replied with possibly the most logical explanation.

“No it’s her trunk, she’s like a tree, her roots are deep in the dirt,” they explained.

Others wondered if the whole thing was a joke at the expense of fans.

“This surely has to be a joke omg what,” one wrote.

“I'm pretty sure Margot is taking the p**s with that post,” another mused.

Others suggested the strange photo was the result of wide-lens photography and a strange angle, but frankly the tree explanation is winning in our books.

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