Man's shock after discovering fiancée's 'affair' with married colleague

A man has asked for advice after discovering his fiancée allegedly cheated on him with a married colleague - something he found out via a WhatsApp text from a random number - which turned out to be the other man's wife.

Taking to Reddit to share the shocking revelation, the man - who has been with his fiancée for two-and-a-half years - said she was 'devastated' when he confronted her about the affair, but she claimed it had meant nothing.

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He only found out when the other man's wife contacted him with proof. Photo: Getty

"She said she didn't know why she did what she did but she never was attracted to him or had any kind of feelings for him," he said in the post, which has since gone viral.

"She said she loves me and there was nothing missing in our relationship and will do anything possible to make things right."


He said he was also 'devastated' and didn't know 'what to do'.

"We were so in love... but how can someone that loves you do that to you," he asked fellow Reddit users.

"Can it be just a one time mistake of a 22-year-old girl? Can I ever forgive her and get past this? What should I do?"

Sadly most people told him to leave the relationship.

"Cheating is not a mistake, cheating is a choice. Don't waste your time on a cheater and move on," one person commented.

"There are no such thing as 'mistakes' when it comes to adultery. You have to make a series of really bad, selfish decisions to have an affair," another agreed.

And some even shared their own experiences with trying to give second chances that didn't end well.

"I tried to stay with my cheater. We had good days, great days, but it was never ever the same. Or better. Trust was just gone. Respect gone. Sex drive gone," one person admitted.

While another shared: "My partner was 'so thankful' for a second chance... but she got sick of my 'trust issues' and ended up doing it again almost two years later. Save yourself now."

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