'Make it stop': MAFS fans squirm over 'cringe' bath scene

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MAFS fans were left cringing last night after a very uncomfortable bath scene between two of the newlyweds.

Patrick Dwyer and Belinda Vickers said ‘I do’ on last night’s episode of the controversial reality show and things looked to be going well between the pair, with the dancer even performing a dance for her husband at the wedding reception.

MAFS Patrick in the bath
MAFS fans were left cringing over last night's episode. Photo: Nine

However, it all took a turn on their honeymoon, when they decided to have a bubble bath together.

In an effort to make his wife feel more relaxed, Patrick was seen in the footage saying: “maybe I'll give you a little foot massage”.


He then began to rub Belinda’s feet and clap them together, saying: “Oh, I love your feet. Very clean, I like the little pink toenails you've got on you”.

While Belinda smiled through the massage, fans online begged Patrick to stop.

“I may never bath again. PTSD via TV,” a MAFS fan wrote.

Patrick and Belinda in the bath on MAFS
Patrick and Belinda were seen in the bath together. Photo: Nine

“Not sure if I’m extremely uncomfortable or completely entertained by Patrick’s bath/cooking show,” another said.

“Oh please make him stop. Please,” a person wrote, with another agreeing writing: “This may be the most cringey episode of #MAFS yet…”

Another fan asked for reality shows to “Stop. With. The. Bath. Scenes” after numerous reality shows such as MAFS and The Bachelor have used bathtubs as a date location for couples over the years.

Patrick and Belinda in the bath on MAFS
Things got very awkward between the pair. Photo: Nine

Personal trainer Patrick and door-to-door sales rep walked down the aisle last night, with Patrick saying he was "s—ting carrots" as he stood at the top waiting for his bride.

He soon relaxed but still wasn’t sure if Belinda was into him or not as she sat quietly at their wedding reception table.

It turned out Belinda was just nervous, as she was about to perform an interpretive dance for her new husband.

"Just seeing her being completely vulnerable and confident made me really sure that this is a genuine girl who is down to earth, and will give everything to make sure thing marriage works," Patrick said after her performance.

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