MAFS' Tahnee Cook on season 11: 'Flashbacks to Harrison and Bronte'

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It’s another year, so you know that means there’s a new season of Married At First Sight Australia to become obsessed with. We’ll be recapping the episodes each week and bringing you an insight into all the drama and behind-the-scenes takes, from someone who has experienced what it’s like being on the show.

If you don’t know me (or don’t remember me - don’t worry I'm not offended), I’m Tahnee and I was on season 10 of MAFS and matched up with Ollie. It’s crazy to think that I actually found love on MAFS and we had a pretty smooth journey on the experiment, even being labelled as the most “unproblematic couple”. Although we aren’t together anymore, I can look back on my time and be grateful for the experience I had – it definitely could have been a lot worse, that’s for sure. Thank you, experts (and producers)! It’s going to be strange watching MAFS this year as a viewer again, but I'm excited to be sharing all my thoughts and feelings.

MAFS' Tahnee and 'husband' Ollie
MAFS' Tahnee and 'husband' Ollie enjoyed a good run on the show, despite having since split. Photo: Nine

About those weddings...

Week 1 is all about the weddings, which you’re either a lover or hater of. Personally, I love watching the weddings and seeing when people meet for the first time. We will either witness a beautiful love story beginning or watch things go downhill from there, both of which I will enjoy watching.

All I can think about this year is how much I feel their pain with having to walk down the aisle about 10 times to make sure they get those perfect shots for us. I swear the aisle at my wedding was 100m long and walking down for that first time was so daunting. It was dead quiet, there was no music playing, just completely silent. All I could hear was my heartbeat racing and my heels stomping, and I was thinking to myself, 'Why have I agreed to marry a stranger on TV?'

I was basically running down the aisle so I could get it over with, but I didn’t realise I would be doing that all again another few times. It didn’t help that I could barely walk in my dress. A note to future MAFS brides, I’d recommend choosing a dress that is easy to walk in because you’ll be shooting your wedding scene multiple times. So as a viewer, when you’re seeing all those beautiful camera angles, it’s likely that’s a different take.


I wanted to share my thoughts on some couples and their weddings.

Let’s start with Sara and Tim.

Sara and Tim

Sara came in pretty hot with her thoughts on who should be paying for dates. She laughed at a guy who made her pay on a second date and then shared a list of what she’d paid for to be there: hair, brows, birth control etc. Although I don’t disagree with the take she has on this, I think the delivery was slightly jarring, followed by her comments that he 'owed her' after paying for herself. I would also argue, the other person may feel like you owe them something if they have paid for you. I think that whoever asks that person on a date should be the one to pay, however, I will always go on a date with the intention of splitting 50/50. We’re getting a picture painted that Sara has specific expectations from a partner, so let’s hope her groom can measure up to them.

We then meet Tim, who seems lovely and on paper, they look like such a great match. He’s ticking all the boxes, and I’m thinking the experts have already got it so right with this first couple.

The wedding was going so well until we got to the best man's speech, which my mouth is still on the floor from watching. Pretty much everything you see on MAFS has an approval process - especially the weddings. From the wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses, hair, makeup and yes, the speeches too.

Sara and Tim seem like a good fit on MAFS - but can they go the distance?
Sara and Tim seem like a good fit on MAFS - but can they go the distance?

The MAFS approval process

I remember having to submit three different wedding dress options and production would then choose their favourite. I was really happy I got to wear my top choice, but my bridesmaid dresses weren’t the style or colour I originally wanted. Funnily enough, I actually chose the same bridesmaid dresses as Bronte. So it made sense why they didn’t approve my choice.

I had about three rounds of changes to my wedding speech and even my maid of honour had to have her speech approved and went back and forth with production a couple of times. I gave her a list of what was okay to talk about and topics that were off-limits, which I think is fair considering it was potentially going on national TV. I do wonder how Tim’s best man speech got the green light from producers, and I'm curious if this will play some role in his edit moving forward, perhaps?

Tori and Jack

I have to talk about Tori and Jack. I hate to say it, but this couple is already giving me flashbacks to Harrison and Bronte. Let’s hope there’s not as much gaslighting with these two, please. Tori seems headstrong and confident but I feel like Jack is going to try and walk all over her. A few red flags are already waving from Jack, and you know you’ve always got to be wary of a guy with a man bun.

A thing I found quite puzzling at the wedding was why Jack’s guests were all his PT clients. Again, your wedding guest list also had to be approved by production, so I think perhaps it was intentional that his lack of friends and family was highlighted.

From my experience, we had to submit a list of guest names and then write next to each person what their relationship was to us. I had a few guests get rejected from attending my wedding because they were public figures with social media followings.

"A few red flags are already waving from Jack, and you know you’ve always got to be wary of a guy with a man bun."
"A few red flags are already waving from Jack, and you know you’ve always got to be wary of a guy with a man bun."

The dreaded honesty box

Let’s talk about the honeymoon honesty box. So picture this: you’re having a lovely dinner on your honeymoon and then you’re thrown a box of uncomfortable questions you need to answer with someone you’ve only just met. This was always something I dreaded going into the experiment, but thankfully ours didn’t make the final edit.

When we were given this box, we were told we must read the cards out specifically in the order of how they are placed - we weren’t allowed to switch them up or skip any cards. Ollie and I had a slight hiccup during our honesty box because he had confessed to cheating on a previous partner, and this was something I really didn't feel okay with. I had a big insecurity around this, and it was one of my dealbreakers during the application process, so it threw me off a little bit, but we got back on track. In hindsight, I can completely understand why they didn't show this, as it didn't align with our love storyline. I think everything we see on the honeymoon is pretty indicative of how the couple will be showcased for most of the experiment.


The runaway groom

We can’t forget about the runaway groom! I feel so bad for Michael and can imagine how deflated he would be feeling after being told his groom did a runner. The whole process of applying for MAFS is super extensive and, honestly, takes up weeks, if not months, of your time.

The MAFS application process

I applied for MAFS in May 2022 and received a call the next day wanting to set up an interview. Yes, I did actually apply to go on MAFS - we had quite a few people who were scouted on my season.

The application stage all went pretty fast but it was an overall long process over the following months. I had a few rounds of Zoom interviews with producers and then an in-person meeting with the executive producers. You then need to do a full psychological evaluation which includes a few surveys and a meeting with the show psychologist.

This is followed by medicals which include STI checks, physical and mental health and, weirdly, if we could duck walk. The last stage of the process for a final interview with expert Mel Schilling. Then it was just a waiting game.

I got a call at the end of July letting me know they had found me a match and that I was getting married in August. I had about 2-3 weeks to fully prepare myself for the MAFS experiment. From getting a wedding dress, and taking time off work to just mentally preparing for a crazy experience, I give props to everyone who has been through the application process. And a heads up to anyone thinking of applying: it’s lengthy, so prepare yourself!

So, let’s sit back and see what MAFS season 11 has in store for us, and may the odds be in their favour!

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