MAFS spoiler: Are Lauren and Jono still together?

Spoiler alert: This MAFS couple may actually go the distance!

The final MAFS weddings aired on Sunday night (well, apart from the intruders, of course!), with Perth-based Lauren Dunn saying 'I do' alongside business owner Jono McCullough from Sydney.

While the pair clearly hit it off initially during their ceremony and reception, during their honeymoon, Lauren began questioning her attraction, claiming Jono is "too nice" for her.

MAFS' Lauren Dunn and Jono McCullough
MAFS' Lauren Dunn and Jono McCullough appear to go the distance after the experiment, with some photos potentially proving they're still together. Photo: Nine

Lauren's party girl antics didn't exactly impress Jono's family, especially his step-sister Stephanie, who wonders if she is the right match for Jono, who is seven years older and keen to start a family.


However, despite all of this, Yahoo Lifestyle can reveal that the couple may indeed make it work, thanks to two very telling Instagram posts.

In January, Lauren took to her foodie Instagram account So Cooked, showing herself watching The Perfect Wife, with the reality star jokingly writing alongside the film title, "Hey look, they made a movie about me!"

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MAFS' Lauren spoils show's ending
These posts suggest that Lauren was still 'married' to Jono and in a relationship in January. Photo: Instagram/so.cooked

She then shared a snap of a T-shirt with her name emblazoned across the front that featured several snaps of herself in bikinis, with the caption, "One very lucky boy."

The custom T-shirt is from the viral trend where people give their partners T-shirts covered in snaps of themselves.


The posts suggest that Lauren was still 'married' to Jono and in a relationship in January, two months after filming wrapped.

So, maybe the experts (AKA the producers) do get it right sometimes?

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