MAFS’ Sara reveals Tim’s major red flag in tell-all interview: 'Stressed me out'

Sara Mesa has opened up about unseen moments from her honeymoon with Tim Calwell.

Tim and Sara on MAFS
Tim and Sara on their MAFS journey. Photo: Nine

Sara Mesa has given a tell-all interview about her time on Married At First Sight, dropping some piping hot tea about some of the unseen moments from her marriage with Tim Calwell. From red flags to out-of-context moments from their explosive honeymoon, Sara didn't hold back when it came to telling her side of the story in a podcast interview with So Dramatic.

When the couple first met on MAFS, they seemed to hit it off instantly on their wedding day, but things took a turn on their honeymoon after Tim told Sara to "just relax" which led to them spending some time apart. Back in the experiment, tension rose again when Sara refused to show Tim her phone during the phone swap challenge, and every time the couple got back on track something new rocked them — with one of the more dramatic storylines playing out being Sara's "cheating scandal" where Tim found out she had met up with an ex-boyfriend during filming, after telling him she was "puppy sitting".

However, the couple did make it through to final vows and looked happier than ever at the reunion, before things eventually imploded again. Now, Sara appears to be happily single, while Tim is loved-up with new girlfriend Barbara Griebeler.

Sara and Tim fighting on MAFS
Sara and Tim had an explosive relationship. Photo: Nine

One thing Sara revealed in the interview was that one of Tim's "big red flags" was his friendship with controversial groom Jack Dunkley. "That stressed me out," Sara said of the boys' friendship. "I asked Tim, 'Do you not see that what Jack's saying and doing is wrong?"


Sara then said Tim defended Jack during his many controversies, but one of the bigger ones was when Sara alleged during the season that Jack had touched her inappropriately and she caught Tim secretly texting Jack after that news came out.

“After the whole Jack kissing me on the neck and touching me on the bum thing, I heard on some podcasts that Jack spoke to Tim after he stood up for me at the retreat, and they made up,” she said. “That was shocking to me. And that was one of the reasons I didn’t feel like Tim ever had my back.”

Sara also shed light on what really went down during her explosive honeymoon fight with Tim, saying the timeline was completely wrong. "They made it look like we spent the day apart because he told me to relax," Sara said. "But I actually asked to have the day apart from Tim because he was being too affectionate."

Tim and Sara during their honeymoon on MAFS
Tim and Sara during their honeymoon. Photo: Nine

Speaking on Tim's affections more, Sara said she had a chat with the groom off-camera asking him to take a step back from touching her and grabbing her hand, saying it was "too much" for her. Tim said he understood but later in their hotel when he tried to hug Sara in bed, she "flipped".


"I called Eden and I was bawling to her on the phone," Sara revealed. "I told her I didn’t know what to do because I kept telling him: ‘You’re being too affectionate’, but he wasn’t listening.”

This led to the couple spending some time apart on their honeymoon.

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