MAFS Sam apologises to Kyle Sandilands for unaired 'joke'

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MAFS star Sam Carraro has been left red-faced after being called out over a joke he made about Kyle Sandilands by the very man himself.

The awkward moment happened while groom Sam was chatting with Kyle and his radio co-host Jackie O on Thursday about the explosive dinner party that aired the previous night.

Kyle Sandilands and MAFS contestant Sam Carraro
MAFS groom Sam has apologised to Kyle Sandilands for an unaired 'joke'. Photo: KIIS FM, Channel Nine.

Just a joke

In the heated episode, fans watched as Sam dove headfirst into a fiery argument with fellow contestant Bryce over how they treated their respective wives. During the tit-for-tat confrontation, Sam delivered several personal blows to Bryce which included comparing his personality to that of a 'doormat'.

Back when the season began in February, Sam had hinted to Kyle & Jackie O that he'd mentioned Kyle in an upcoming dinner party episode — being the one that aired last night — but he believed it had been cut from the final edit.

He was right, that particular moment didn't make it to air. But Jackie O wasn't about to let it go. She decided to press Sam into revealing what he had actually said about her co-host in the heat of the moment.


At this point in the interview, an uneasy sounding Sam began to backpedal by telling Kylie that he was a big fan and that the joke wasn't meant to be malicious.

"I'm a big fan, Kyle, I've read your book. I know I'm kissing your ass..." he began as Kyle and Jackie O laughed in the background.

"It was more of a joke because I know you guys interview us, I never meant any malice toward you, it was obviously toward Gonzo," he added, using his rather unkind nickname for Bryce, Gonzo the Muppet.

"I said, 'Bryce, you're that ugly that you make Kyle Sandilands look like a Victoria's Secret model'," Sam admitted, no doubt holding his breath for Kyle's reaction.

Married At First Sight 2021 groom Sam, 32. Photo: Channel Nine (supplied).
Married At First Sight groom Sam married Pilates studio owner Coco. Photo: Channel Nine (supplied).

Kyle reacts

In a surprise twist, Kyle was cool with the jab and even said that he was flattered.

"That's flattering, I take that as a good thing," he said.

When Jackie O wondered aloud about why Sam's comment ended up on the cutting room floor, Kyle speculated that it was a strategic decision by the network to avoid his 'wrath'.

"Channel Nine wouldn't want the wrath of me if I took it the wrong way but I'm taking it the right way," he said.

Elsewhere in the chat, Sam revealed that the 'social experiment' is "definitely not scripted" and, in another unexpected turn, that his wife Coco "used to be a police officer." Who knew?

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