MAFS moment that made Angie Kent 'feel violently ill': 'Disgusting'

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This week was HUGE and the word huge is even an understatement. We thought the commitment ceremony where Carolina and Daniel was a lot to swallow (I literally had to look up his name because that whole situation is so forgettable to me now after everything else that raided our brains this week) I am going to forget that commitment ceremony even exists and won’t even touch on it as they don’t deserve any more airtime, and cut straight to homestays and the dinner party because there is a lot to offload. A LOT!

Almost everything bothers Olivia

I just get this vibe that nothing would live up to Liv’s expectations (see what I did there) I also get the impression that Olivia would be the type of person who doesn’t like dogs. And I don’t trust those types of people.

If I hear Olivia tell that God damn bridesmaids story one more time… tellin’ it like it’s a badge of honour?! Who meets their partners friends and tells that story? I can’t stop watching but the secondhand anxiety almost makes it unbearable. I have a question. Does Liv think it’s cool/ funny to be a bully? How did she come across so sweet way back when this show started? I remember actually thinking, 'oh bless I love this woman and her vulnerability'. But now I just sometimes have no words. I can feel her negative energy through the screen and how everything almost bothers her.

Photo: Channel Nine
Photo: Channel Nine

The Jackson and Olivia gym saga. Jackson likes the gym. Liv doesn’t have to. And I get how it can be so triggering. Having an eating disorder or body dysmorphia means gyms can really trigger you and when we are triggered we can say things we don’t mean. But there are far worse things out there than your partner loving the gym that’s for damn sure.

When Olivia said ‘I am your world now’. That made me feel violently ill. Your partner should never give up what they love for you. You should never be your partners world and vice versa. Gross. That is so bad. I feel she’s living in so much anger. That can’t be good for you.

Cody and Selina 'hard to watch'

Ok… this was REAL hard to watch but I am also so glad it was something that was brought to our attention. The bach pad. Ladies, most of us hate to admit that we’ve all at some point in our life have been objected to the likes of a bach pad. The bach pad is not a vibe. It is a big no from me. If you’re fresh out of home and freshly into your twenties, sure. Go nuts. Cody is not a teenager or a frat boy!!! He is a grown ass man in his thirties. Side note: You don’t have to be cashed up to have an adult apartment. Go to Kmart- they have heaps of good shit there for real cheap.

Cody’s apartment was red flag city. Which takes me to my main point of this feral homestay…. Cody’s friend/housemate setting up the watermelon vagina image? DISGUSTING! It was not a joke. Why? Because it was not funny. AND if you think it’s funny…. Then you are also part of the problem

Selina would have been so incredibly out of her comfort zone number one. And old mate has made a joke about her vagina? A woman he has never met. That made me feel wildly uncomfortable.

Photo: Channel Nine
Photo: Channel Nine

'Wildly uncomfortable'

That made me feel wildly uncomfortable. It gave me the feeling of that time in my life in my mid to late twenties (I was blessed with 3 solid boyfriends from mid teens to early twenties who actually had their sh*t together at a young age) and then dated off and on…. where I put up with the bare minimum from men. They would be fully grown and lived like party boys who didn’t have their sh*t together in the slightest. Stuff was dirty. Stuff stunk.

You’re worth so much more. You’re worth isn’t a man who can’t even care about himself enough, let alone you, or create a comfortable enough space for you.

I wish Selina didn’t feel frightened to say something straight away and leave. I feel as women, we always think we’re going to come across as too much, because we are conditioned to think having a man want us is important that our feelings. It’s not.

Selina said that she was trying to be a good sport about it all. Don’t be a good sport about it. This isn’t a sport. This could be your life. If he’s willing to grow up then great. But if not, bye Codes. Cody is not a good partner. He’s constantly trying to humiliate her time and time again.

Photo: Channel Nine
Photo: Channel Nine

Olivia went looking for revenge

Ok and now for the big rant. Comin' in red hot. Olivia and the OnlyFans picture of Dominica. Wowie. Where to begin. Firstly. Olivia kept going on about ‘I’m not here to sl*t shame’ but let's get this straight right off that bat.. I think she was trying to do exactly that.

She sent an image fully knowing that it would spread like wildfire around the group, behind Dominica’s back, a girl who she has made very clear she hates, despises her, will never be her friend. Olivia went looking for revenge. For something that she thought in her mind would make Dominica look less than. Olivia wanted to embarrass her ‘rival’ there are no ifs, buts, or maybes around this.

The worst part of all of this is, the fact the show made out it was even a scandal to have an OnlyFans account? Who f*cking cares if Dominca has an OnlyFans account?!

Can we take a moment to appreciate how superb our mate Jack is. We love Jack. Jack is a stand up human. The real question was asked, how did this image even become a topic of conversation and how did it circulate? Good bloody question. My first thought when this all started to unravel on our screens was, could this be classified as revenge porn? Jilted humans sharing images of a person as a form of retaliation?

Photo: Channel Nine
Photo: Channel Nine

Why did Cody have to bring it up?

And another question is why did that moron Cody bring it up like that? Was he trying to humiliate her in front of the entire group? Because it’s totally ok for your sexist numpty of a friend to joke about your partners vagina using a watermelon to make it less vulgar but God forbid Dominca, a woman, had an OnlyFans account? Toxic misogyny.

Some of the women's responses to this image circulating and response to Dom having images of her out there was hard to watch. The victim blaming was disgusting. Tamara in particular was cringe. I hope they all feel really dreadful about what they did to Dom. Once again, these women have let down the sisterhood. Except for Ella. We stan Ella.

ALSO - Why is channel 9 even airing this? Sl*t shaming? That’s absolutely crook. They cut stuff out of the edit all the time. Why did they feel the need to show this? Maybe the message will become more clear on Sunday night's episode as to why they thought this would be acceptable to air?

The moment let down so many people who finally have a safe platform where they can get paid for their content. Their bodies. What, you lot think you’re better than Dom because you give out your nudes for free? We all watch porn. Every single person there has watched porn and now they’re shaming it? Gross.

Photo: Channel Nine
Photo: Channel Nine

The way this has backfired on Olivia is brilliant. But shame on this show for making this a thing. It goes to show we really do have such a problem with women making money off THEIR bodies. Why does it bother the majority so much to see a young woman make money from her beautiful body?

Can I just add how much I love love love how the narrative is slowly changing.

We are calling out behaviour that has never served us and no longer tolerated. We are admitting when we are wrong. We are doing the work. So many articles, podcast, headlines calling out sh*tty historical behaviour!!! For so long we let people get away with doing the bare minimum or being completely internally misogynistic, homophobic, sexist, racist.

We’ve still got a long way to go! But my god, YES we are finally going places!

Call it out 👏🏽 be apart of the change 👏🏽 !


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