MAFS producers 'furious' after cast leaks throw show 'into chaos'

Married At First Sight producers are reportedly “furious” after a number of cast members for the upcoming season have leaked online.

Earlier this week, Daily Mail published several photos of the new brides filming their hens night at a $15 million estate in Sydney’s Centennial Park.

Married At First Sight poster.
The new season of MAFS has reportedly been ‘thrown into chaos just days into filming’ after a number of cast members have leaked online. Photo: Channel Nine

A source now tells Yahoo Lifestyle that the team behind Australia’s most popular reality TV show is extremely angry about the leaks, especially because it happened before the cast got to meet for the first time on camera.

“The new season of Married At First Sight has been thrown into chaos just days into filming,” the insider says.


“A series of early leaks revealing the brides online before the majority of the weddings have been shot has ruined the surprise element of the show.

“The grooms have all been looking up the pictures and trying to guess which bride is theirs. Producers are furious.”

Yahoo Lifestyle has contacted Channel Nine for comment.

MAFS' Melinda Willis,
Melinda Willis is one of the contestants who has been spotted filming the new season of MAFS. Photo: Instagram/melindarichelle

Who are the new contestants?

One of the new brides revealed by Daily Mail is Melinda Willis, a Brisbane-based flight attendant-turned-beautician who directs and owns several businesses.

She boasts a whopping 150,000 followers on Instagram, including former MAFS stars KC Osborne, Jules Robinson and Jason Engler.

A source close to Melissa told the publication that she’s wanted to join the show for years so finally being cast would be “a dream come true”.

MAFS' Tahnee Cook.
Tahnee Cook is a 27-year-old Sydney-based influencer and podcaster. Photo:

A second bride who is set to appear in next year’s season is 27-year-old Sydney-based influencer and podcaster Tahnee Cook, who has 45,000 followers across her social channels.

One of Tahnee’s friends told Daily Mail they weren’t surprised to see her join MAFS, saying, “I went to school with her and she has been trying to become an influencer for a while.

“She used to be a massive One Direction fan. She's funny,” they added. “I can't wait to watch her on tele, she will definitely give Domenica Calarco a run for her money.”

Tahnee has worked with a number of brands online throughout her career as an influencer, including Bondi Sands, Showpo, Mermade Hair and Rimmel London Australia.

MAFS' Alyssa Barmonde and Bronte Schofield.
Alyssa Barmonde and Bronte Schofield are set to walk down the aisle in next year’s season. Photos: Instagram/alyssabakescakes / _bronteschofield

Another bride who has been spotted filming the hens night is Alyssa Barmonde, a mother-of-one and successful baker with her business Instagram account boasting 18,900 followers.

She recently changed her profile from public to private, which is a requirement for all the contestants, and updated her bio to tell followers she isn’t currently taking any orders.

Daily Mail has also reported that childcare worker Claire Nomarhas will walk down the aisle in next year’s season, as well as Perth influencer Bronte Schofield.

A friend of Bronte’s told the publication that the soon-to-be reality TV star “speaks her mind and isn’t afraid of confrontation”.

The new season of MAFS will air in early 2023, with experts Alessandra Rampolla, John Aiken and Mel Schilling set to return.

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