MAFS bride Coco unrecognisable in astonishing old wedding snaps

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The MAFS cast is nothing if not ever-changing.

Brides, grooms even experts love nothing more than to wow fans with unrecognisable old photos after having undergone dramatic transformations, and it seems the show's latest recruits are no different.

MAFS bride coco
MAFS bride Coco Ledeman cut a very different figure at her first wedding in 2018. Photo: Nine

One bride, Coco Stedman, won fans last night with her zany and out-there personality but those same fans would have had a hard time picking her out of a crowd three years back when she wed her first husband in 2018.

Snaps on Coco's Instagram show a very different-looking woman getting hitched.

The Pilates instructor is sporting blonde tresses in the snaps and a softer makeup look compared with last night's dark eyes and relaxed brunette 'do.

Coco wedding dress MAFS wedding Sam
Tuesday evening's wedding showed Connie with a darker, more understated bridal look. Photo: Nine

Her dress was also an elaborate affair compared to the simple gown worn on national TV, and in the professional shots the ear to ear grin is replaced with a more gentle smile.

It's not just her very different looks that would have you struggling to recognise the bride either, back then she was possibly going by her real name which was today revealed not to be the flirty and fun 'Coco'.

MAFS bride Coco Ledeman unrecognisable photos instagram
Coco was unrecognisable back in 2018 while gearing up to marry her first husband. Photo: Instagram

According to the Instagram account MAFSFunny the former policewoman is actually called Constance and goes by Connie normally, the account joking that producers would have been worried she would be confused for last year's Connie.


Coco's first marriage was a short-lived affair, the bride telling producers she split from her husband after just six months.

"He was a beautiful, beautiful, beautiful soul. I wish him nothing but the best but sometimes it lasts in love and sometimes it hurts instead," she said. "I chose my career."

Looks like she opted for a serious makeover after biding her marriage goodbye, it's not just her wedding photos in which the fitness stunner looks totally different.

MAFS bride Coco unrecognisable old photos
Coco has undergone the classic MAFS transformation, with this old snap prompting a double take. Photo: Instagram

Photos from just three years back show a totally different look on the now-30-year-old, who was rocking her natural lips at the time and opting for a less glam makeup look in her day to day snaps.

She also underwent a dramatic fitness transformation, going from an already-fit figure to an even more ripped physique, probably thanks to her day job teaching pilates.

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