MAFS’ Ollie reveals how hard he and Tahnee worked on their relationship

Married At First Sight star Ollie Skelton sat down with Yahoo Lifestyle to unpack his time on the show and his new podcast, TOSSER.

Video transcript

OLLIE SKELTON: I have so much gratitude. I have so much gratitude for the whole experience and them putting us together. But in the same breath, we slogged it out. Like, I think the general consensus is-- the general consensus is like, oh, they were just-- they were meant to be from the start, and it was the most amazing thing. But it's like, we were slogging at it.

We were working on it every day, just open communication, three-hour "before we go to bed" chats, and just trying to be open and honest. And so yeah, like, there were so many things. There was so much luck involved.

But-- and we're still-- it's just like any relationship. You have to work on that [BLEEP] every day. And so yeah, there's so much gratitude for so much. And I was so lucky. But just like any relationship, you've got to bloody work on it to get it to where it is.