MAFS' Olivia threatens to leave the experiment after being 'gaslighted'

After a chaotic few weeks in the experiment involving a smashed glass, nude photo scandal and commitment ceremony scolding from the experts, where she admitted that she doesn’t have any empathy, Married At First Sight star Olivia Frazer threatened to leave the show during Monday night’s episode.

The 27-year-old bride had plenty of time to think about her decision after she and her ‘husband’ Jackson Lonie were tasked with spending one night apart by fellow couple Domenica Calarco and Jack Millar.

MAFS' Olivia Frazer looking unimpressed.
MAFS’ Olivia Frazer threatened to leave the experiment during Monday night’s episode. Photo: Channel Nine

While Jackson was seemingly content with the exercise, saying he was “excited” to sleep in his own bed, watch a movie of his choice and go to the gym, Olivia was less than pleased the following day.

“The timing of last night’s task was absolutely terrible and I’ve tried to be a trooper and get on with it, but Jackson was taken from me,” she told the camera.

“So Jackson being gone last night left me a lot of room to really think about why I should give the experiment any more of my time or energy. So I definitely want to talk to Jackson about the experiment and whether or not I want to stay.”


Upon Jackson’s return in the morning, Olivia was quick to bring up her “meltdown” and express her desire to leave the show.

“I'm just questioning why we should bother staying here,” she admitted.

“Domenica was allowed to come over to this house and scream at me in the doorway the other day. And at the commitment ceremony, I get railroaded, gaslighted, attempts of assassination against my character.”

MAFS' Olivia Frazer and Jackson Lonie.
Olivia’s partner Jackson Lonie was unimpressed with her self-proclaimed ‘meltdown’. Photos: Channel Nine

Jackson then tried to calm down his partner, who said that she was “furious”, and told her to “take a deep breath”.

“I can see you’ve sat here and you’ve obviously gotten yourself really worked up,” he continued. “It wasn’t even a very good ‘hello’ then, you’re more worried about this, and that’s what s**ts me.

“I want us to be strong and I don't want them to tear us apart. And what they've done is doing that. So what you need to do is just take a breath, relax, and just focus on us.”

Speaking to the camera, however, Olivia confessed that Jackson’s pep talk had actually made her feel even worse about the situation.

“Jackson telling me to calm down and take a breather is not really calming me down,” she said. “It’s just sort of probably making me feel a little bit more alone in my feelings.”

Time will tell whether or not the couple decides to stay in the experiment, with the final vows coming up this week.

Married At First Sight airs at 7pm on Sunday and 7:30pm on Monday to Wednesday on Channel Nine and 9Now.

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