MAFS' Melinda and Layton split: Insider reveals real reason they've broken up

EXCLUSIVE: A friend of the couple has said the news hasn't come as a surprise.

In devastating news MAFS power couple Melinda Willis and Layton Mills have announced they've split, a year after meeting on the show.

Taking to Instagram, Melinda uploaded a black and white image of her and Layton kissing with a caption emblazoned over the top of it saying the couple had decided to take time apart.

"We wanted to keep this private for the time being but we have a lot of supporters who are invested in the relationship and owe it to you to be transparent," Melinda captioned the Story.

"After a lot of thought and consideration we had sadly decided to both take time apart. We still care very deeply for each other and this doesn't mean our lives can't come back together, but as of now, we think this decision is for the best."

MAFS' Melinda and Layton have announced their split
MAFS' Melinda and Layton have broken up. Photo:

Melinda went on to thank MAFS fans and supporters for their support throughout the couples' time on the show and post-experiment. Layton shared the same post to his Instagram Stories.


'Not a surprise'

A friend of the couple told Yahoo Lifestyle that the couple is 'unlikely' to get back together.

Speaking about the split, the friend said: “Their post didn’t really come as a surprise, it felt like a long time coming. Things slowly fizzled out after the show due to the [long] distance and even when he moved up [to Queensland] it wasn’t the same as when they were on the show in the bubble. They're both super busy running their own businesses and barely saw each other.”

Layton moved to Queensland in July, but he didn't move in with Melinda in Brisbane.

Melinda Willis and Layton Mills have broken up
Melinda Willis and Layton Mills. Photo:

At the time, Melinda confused fans by sharing an Instagram Story hinting that Layton’s new home in Queensland was a “three-and-a-half hour drive” from hers.

Melinda recently appeared on Yvie Jones' podcast Two Girls, One Pod and opened up about her relationship with Layton, saying that he struggles to express his love.

When questioned by Yvie about whether Layton had managed to say 'I love you' yet, Melinda said he had but it was 'in a love letter'.

When Yvie asked if Layton found it hard to say the three words, Melinda agreed.

"Really, really hard," she said. "I wasn't [accepting of that] at first, I think he was just always fearful of commitment and a forever thing."

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