MAFS' Mel Schilling has opened up about her cancer battle: 'Feeling flat'

The Married At First Sight expert was diagnosed with colon cancer late last year.

Married At First Sight expert Mel Schilling has spoken candidly about her cancer battle, saying she's had to make some "adaptions" to her busy schedule. The MAFS  star announced late last year that she had been diagnosed with colon cancer, undergoing surgery to remove a tumour which she nicknamed 'Terry'.

In a recent interview with Magic FM Mel said as she undergoes her third cycle of chemo, she's starting to feel "a bit sick".

“Feeling a little flat today actually, to be totally honest with you,” she said after they asked how she was doing.

“I’m going through chemo, I’m on my third cycle now and I’m just starting to feel a bit sick. I was saying earlier it sort of feels like being hungover, like I’ve been drinking all night.”

MAFS' Mel Schilling being interviewed about her colon cancer
MAFS' Mel Schilling is currently undergoing her third cycle of chemotherapy. Photo:

Mel said she's had to make some adaptions to her busy schedule, which includes being an expert on both MAFS Australia and MAFS UK, as well as a public speaker and an ambassador.


“This thing is not beating me. I’m here to fight, I just need to make some adaptions,” she said. “Time is [important]. Building space in my schedule because… I love my work and just kind of doing my passions, so for me it’s very tempting just to say yes to everything."

Mel said surrounding herself with the right team and making sure she had the right support system in place is helping her and her mental health as she fights cancer.

Mel Schilling after her cancer surgery
Mel announced her cancer diagnosis just before Christmas last year. Photo:

“Surrounding myself with the right team, making sure I’ve got people there to support me and to actually encourage me to say no, if it’s something that’s not really going to be valuable and meaningful for me, and just having that time with my gorgeous family and friends," Mel said.


MAFS fans rallied around the expert in the comments section on Instagram.

"Such a beautiful, inspirational woman. You've got this Mel. Say no things, we will welcome you back to our TVS with open arms. Love MAFS and MAFSAU, keep strong," one person commented. "Lovely lady and such an inspiration," another said.

"If anyone going through this has days where they can't do other things, that's OK too. You don't need to be a hero," someone else commented.

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