MAFS' Kerry and Johnny on their baby plans after the show

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Married At First Sight's Kerry Knight has said Johnny Balbuziente will be 'the best dad' as the couple talk about their plans after the show.

Last night, fans were left cheering after both Kerry and Johnny admitted they are falling in love with each other after weeks of ‘marriage’ on the controversial reality show.

Johnny and Kerry, who are both 30-years-old, looked lovestruck as they made their relationship official last night, with Johnny telling Kerry: “I have never met somebody like you. I'm falling in love with you”.

A delighted Kerry wrote in her commitment ceremony vows: “Johnny you have my heart. I'm absolutely falling in love with you. I'm wholeheartedly recommitting my vows today and promising to give our future together a red-hot crack.”


Kerry Knight has said Johnny Balbuziente on MAFS
Married At First Sight's Kerry Knight has said Johnny Balbuziente declared their love for each other on last night's MAFS. Photo: Nine

Now it seems that baby plans are on the cards for the loved-up pair, with Kerry telling New Idea that her mind has been changed about having kids since meeting Johnny.

“I see how important family is for him and how good he is with his nieces and nephews,” she said.

“I also just trust that he would be the best dad.”

Johnny simply added: “All I can do is sit back and smile from ear to ear after hearing that”.

Kerry Knight has said Johnny Balbuziente on the couch on MAFS
Now their already talking about baby plans. Photo: Nine

The couple weren’t the only pair to profess their love for each other on last night’s episode of MAFS.

Bryce declared his love for Melissa and said he 'couldn't wait' for them to start their lives together.

Despite rumours that Bryce had a ‘secret girlfriend’ on the outside, Melissa also gushed over her ‘husband’, saying: "I can absolutely say with certainty that I'm in love with you. Our relationship and you are truly worth fighting for."

Meanwhile, it first seemed like Alana might be about to break things off with Jason last night, but after hearing his vows she threw her notes into the air and told him she’d give their relationship another crack.

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