MAFS' Jono and Ben have taken to feuding on TikTok: 'Cringe'

The two former MAFS grooms have now resorted to both sitting on the toilet and making digs at each other.

MAFS grooms Jono McCullough, 40, and Ben Walters, 39, have taken to TikTok to air out their grievances with one another after Ben initially posted a video of himself on the toilet using Jono and Ellie's New Idea magazine story as toilet paper.

Ben originally posted a video of him sitting on the toilet reading the New Idea article featuring the couple, where he ripped out a page and pretended to wipe himself with it.

Jono has now taken to TikTok in a newly formed joint account with Ellie, to respond to Ben's initial video.

Ben Walters TikTok New Idea article Ellie Jono
Ben's original TikTok saw him sitting on the toilet reading a New Idea article about Ellie and Jono. Photo:

"So this video goes out to Benny Boy," Jono said. "I saw you used me and Ellie's New Idea article to wipe your bum the other day. It's actually pretty good. It's probably the best one you've done."

The video then transitions to Jono sitting on a toilet.

"It's not saying much. They've been pretty horrible. But I was going to copy you, I was going to do the same thing. But then I realised you don't have a New Idea article... awkward."


People were divided in the comments over Jono's retaliation to Ben

"Johno your a legend mate," one person said. "You’re a good bloke mate ignore the lonely nobodies," someone else said in support.

"Oh God, this is so cringe?!" another commented. "Can they not see how their behaviour looks," someone else said.

MAFS' Jono and Ben are fighting on TikTok
MAFS' Jono and Ben are feuding on TikTok. Photo:

In another exciting update, Ben took to TikTok to also swipe back at Jono, saying there was actually a picture of him in the article that Jono could've used to wipe his bum.


"You know what's really awkward though?" Ben said. "Is you keeping your toilet brush on the window sill. Now shush your face," Ben said, repeating Jono's line from the reunion dinner party.

Jono addresses MAFS 'haters'

Ben has turned the comments off on his TikTok videos and Jono hasn't retaliated directly to Ben, but just uploaded a new TikTok addressing the online trolls.

"This goes out to all the haters, to the people who said negative comments...I get it," he said in the video. "People ask me, 'do you hate the trolls?' and I say no, because if I saw what they saw, I'd probably feel the same way. I wouldn't go as far as someone people have, there's been some pretty horrible stuff. But, you know, I get it."

"But no matter how strong you are, it takes a toll. It's been hard getting up each morning and being confronted by all the negativity, but I get it, I do."

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