MAFS fans divided by intruder's controversial wedding move: 'Dealbreaker'

Married At First Sight intruder Carolina Santos has been called out by viewers online after making a very awkward first impression during her wedding to Dion Giannarelli.

The 30-year-old online business owner arrived three hours late to her big day, keeping her groom, fellow participants and producers waiting while she complained about her makeup.

MAFS' Carolina Santos and Dion Giannarelli.
MAFS intruder Carolina Santos left her groom Dion Giannarelli waiting at the altar for three hours. Photos: Channel Nine

“I don’t like this makeup it’s sh**. I look disgusting,” she told her bridesmaid at the hotel after the professional makeup artist hired for her finished her face.

“This is a disaster. I wonder if any of the other brides didn’t love their makeup if they have the balls to say it.”

Carolina ended up washing her makeup off in the bathroom, leaving producers extremely frustrated at the added time delay.

“She’s doing it,” one camera operator whispered, while a producer replied, “Oh f**k”.


When she eventually left the hotel, Carolina told producers in the car that she didn’t feel bad at all for making her future ‘husband’ Dion wait three hours.

“I don’t feel guilty,” she laughed. “What’s a few hours when he has the rest of his life with me? Happy wife, happy life.”

MAFS' Carolina Santos wiping off her makeup.
Carolina wasn’t pleased with her make-up and decided to do it herself. Photos: Channel Nine

Viewers took to social media during the episode to share their thoughts on the incident, with many people labelling her actions as “entitled”, “selfish” and “inconsiderate”.

“I think being three hours late to your own wedding is a dealbreaker,” one person wrote.

“I’m kinda amazed that there was anyone left waiting after three hours!” another added, while a third remarked, “I mean there's late... Then there's LATE”.

“People who don't respect other people's time are the worst humans,” someone else said, followed by a different user who shared, “Carolina, I like you darl but keeping your wedding three hours late is not on”.

“Carolina is so late she is actually on the 2023 season of Married At First Sight,” one viewer joked, with another tweeting, “My friends can never ever complain about me being 22 minutes late again”.

Meanwhile, there were several viewers who predicted that Carolina will provide plenty of entertainment this season.

“Carolina is going to be a bigger nightmare than Selin and Tamara combined and I’m here for it,” a fan said.

“I reckon Domenica and Carolina will majorly clash,” someone else predicted.

Married At First Sight airs at 7pm on Sunday and 7:30pm on Monday to Wednesday on Channel Nine and 9Now.

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