MAFS' 'hottest groom' unveils major transformation: 'Still stunning'

Stephen Stewart has debuted a brand new look on social media.

MAFS’ Michael Felix and Stephen Stewart.
MAFS’ Stephen Stewart has debuted a brand new look on social media. Photo: Channel Nine

He was often referred to as Married At First Sight’s “hottest groom ever” during his appearance on this year’s season of the reality show, and now Stephen Stewart has switched up his signature look. The 26-year-old hairdresser, who entered the experiment as an intruder with Michael Felix, took to Instagram on Thursday evening to reveal he had cut his long locks.

Stephen shared a poll on his Instagram Story earlier this month asking whether his followers thought it was “time for a chop”, with the two options reading “DOOOO ITTTT!” and “You’re nothing without your locks”. After the first option received 60 per cent of votes, the long-haired groom decided to cut his hair to a much shorter length.

“Snip,” he captioned a shirtless mirror selfie showing off his new ‘do.


Stephen tells Yahoo Lifestyle that after two years of growing out his hair, he wanted to change things up because it was becoming too hard to maintain.

“Long hair is annoying,” he remarks.

Reality TV fans have since taken to social media to share their thoughts on Stephen’s transformation, with one person writing that he looks “much better”.

“Still stunning,” another added, while a third shared, “Stephen can do no wrong in my eyes”.

“Looking good,” someone else commented.

MAFS’ Stephen Stewart with long hair / Stephen showing off his new short haircut.
Stephen cut his long hair after growing it out for the past two years. Photos: Channel Nine / Instagram/stephenrstewart

While Stephen didn’t find love on MAFS, he revealed on Yahoo Lifestyle’s podcast Behind the Edit in March that he had been seeing someone new since the show and plans to keep their relationship private.

“I’ve actually met someone, so that's been awesome to have someone to kind of rewatch [the show] with,” he said. “It’s a pretty unique experience being in a new relationship and watching your partner get married to someone else. But it's been awesome to kind of have someone to go through this experience with.”


He also shared that despite ending the show as friends and meeting up for a friendly drink after filming wrapped, he and his on-screen ‘husband’ Michael are no longer in contact.

“Unfortunately we don't talk anymore. We did once the show finished, we actually finished in a really good place,” he detailed.

“Typically when you both write ‘leave’ on the couch you get separated, but we were in a really good place. We did kind of have this crazy ride together so we opted to just stay in our apartment together for the last night and we had a good night. We watched some movies and had a cheese board, and then we kept in contact over the months after the show.

“But I think rewatching it and everything that's come with this show and the interviews and the storyline that's been portrayed, that did cause a rift with us. And I suppose that was inevitable. We’re such different people so it was always going to be hard to keep a friendship.”

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