MAFS’ hidden detail exposed in show’s new promo: ‘This is so cool!’

There are just a few weeks left until season nine of Married At First Sight premieres on January 31, which is set to feature “Australia's most attractive and adventurous singles”.

And while Channel Nine got fans talking when they released an epic first-look trailer late last year, a hidden detail in the video has recently been exposed.

Jess and Matt Price in the new MAFS promo.
A hidden detail in the new MAFS trailer has been revealed. Photos: Channel Nine

The cinematic clip shows several brides and grooms running around Sydney’s busy streets on New Year’s Eve before two people meet on a rooftop and share a romantic kiss surrounded by fireworks.

Despite fans assuming that everyone featured in the trailer would likely be a participant in the new season, it turns out the pair sharing a kiss at midnight are actually a real-life married couple who won’t be appearing on the show at all.

Jess and Matt Price, who are ex-reality TV stars themselves, took to Instagram shortly after the trailer aired on TV to reveal that they were cast by Channel Nine to star in the promo.


“Cats out of the bag,” they began.

“We’re tragic MAFS fans, so when Channel Nine hit us up saying they needed a real-life couple to kiss on camera (coz Covid) and asked if we’d be up to putting on our Hollywood acting shoes to re-enact some 50 Shades wedding vibes for their epic new promo… We threw ourselves into the deep end.

“Big love to the incredible crew that brought this together and for all the ridiculous fun and laughs we had on set shooting this.”

Jess and Matt Price.
Jess & Matt came third on The X Factor in 2015 and married in 2018. Photos: Instagram/jess_and_matt

Jess & Matt, as they’re known professionally, first appeared on Australian TV on season seven of The X Factor in 2015 where they came in third place.

The musical duo has since released three albums, all of which peaked within the top 20 on the ARIA Charts, and was also a part of the 100 judges on the short-lived Channel Seven competition show, All Together Now.

After eight years together the couple married in the Hunter Valley in 2018, which was featured in Vogue Australia.

Following their MAFS post on social media, several of the pair’s followers took to the comments to applaud their cameo appearance.

“Omg this is the most epic thing ever,” one person wrote, while another said, “This is so cool!”

“Look at the acting chops on you two! LOVE THIS,” a third shared.

“I got so confused when the ad came on and I saw it was for MAFS but recognised the two of you,” someone else commented, to which Jess & Matt replied, “Haha it is a little spanner in the works! Don’t worry we are not intruders”.

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