MAFS fans torn over 'wild' bride's behaviour: 'Needs to grow up'

"That dude's sister needs to pipe down!"

New Married at First Sight bride Lauren Dunn has proven to be quite divisive amongst viewers after she made a hard-to-forget impression as she got married to Jonathan McCullough.

The wild wedding saw Lauren battle a fake tan mishap, arrive very fashionably late when her limo couldn't exit her accommodation, and saw her face some eyebrow-raising from Jonathan's step-sister when Lauren sat down with her and acknowledged the cross she was wearing around her neck before happily chanting, "Jesus and cleavage!"

While some found the loud antics of Lauren hilarious, other viewers weren't as on board with her behaviour, citing that the much calmer Johnathon was "too good" for his wild new bride.

Lauren and Jono on wedding day and Jono's stepsister
Jonothan's sister was less than impressed with Lauren's behaviour. Photo: Nine

"Jonathon is too good for Lauren. She needs to grow up," one person said.

"I’ve had enough of Lauren already," another tweeted.

With Jonathon's stepsister not loving Lauren's dress or attitude towards the whole wedding and being worried the 32-year-old is not "ready to settle down" other viewers called out the stepsister for her snarky judgements.


"That dude's sister needs to pipe down. He asked for a crazy, out-there woman and he got it!" one person pointed out.

"I think the step-sister has a crush on him," another joked.

Lauren's wedding reception saw her shout
Lauren's loud humour didn't win over everyone. Photo: Nine

Others then came in to bat for Lauren, calling out other MAFS commentators for their negative viewpoints.

"She’s hilarious, you need someone with a bit of personality, some comments on here… must all have boring personalities," one person said.

"Poor girl, stop being so rude... stop tearing down other women for no reason," another commented. "If you don’t vibe with her, fair enough, but don’t be rude."

Who is Lauren Dunn?

The 32-year-old from Western Australia runs her own PR firm, as well as her own foodie Instagram account called 'The Cooked Cook'.

She previously dated AFL star Ryan Crowley, with the couple reportedly breaking up just before she started filming MAFS, after five years of dating.

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