MAFS fans divided over steamy bath scenes: 'Disgusting'

MAFS has been turning up the heat with the chemistry between Ella Ding, 27, and Mitch Eynaud, 26, reaching an all-time high as they enjoyed a steamy bubble bath together.

Mitch revealed that he wanted to show his romantic side and prepared his wife a bath complete with candles and rose petals. He also jokingly stripped down to Ella's bikini for the bath.

MAFS' Mitch and Ella kiss in the bath
MAFS' Mitch and Ella had fans divided over their steamy bath together. Photo: Nine

After the pair flirted and joked around for a couple of minutes, Mitch took off the bikini bottoms and waved them in Ella's face.

"You like that, don't you?" he joked. "You can look but you can't touch."


"Hormones are through the roof," Ella told the cameras. "My face was getting very hot. It was actually the way it felt at the wedding when I saw him for the first time."

The pair began to kiss with Mitch pulling away after a short while, saying, "Let's call it there, I reckon."

The groom had been made aware of Ella's three-date rule that she previously mentioned and wasn't going to push further.

MAFS' Ella laughs at Mitch
While some fans found Mitch hilarious, others thought it was too much. Photo: Nine

As he got out of the bath, Mitch made viewers aware he wasn't very shy, showing off his bum on camera.

Later, when the pair did sleep together, Mitch once again got in the shower giving viewers another look at his behind as he posed for Ella and began doing handstand pushups.

Fans were left divided by the scenes with one user taking to Twitter to write, "This is disgusting!"

"How much bum is too much for a 7:30 time slot?" another joked.

"Let's hope the kiddies have gone to bed... [I'm not looking]," a third wrote.

"Imagine. Just imagine… being Ella or Selina’s father. Having to watch a total stranger massage your daughter’s bare arse cheeks on National TV," another added.

Tweet about MAFS' Ella and Mitch
Photo: Twitter
Tweet about MAFS
Photo: Twitter

However, some fans thought it was hilarious, with one user writing, "Mitch is exceeding my very low expectations."

"More of Mitch's backside, please," another fan wrote.

"Did NOT have Mitch and Ella pegged as one of the better couples when they got married but honestly Ella’s three-date rule and his RESPECT of that my goodness I like them so much," a third said.

"Ella & Mitch are so funny to watch... their hormones are out of control," someone else added.

"Magic Mitch & sexy minx Ella. Total entertainment," another wrote.

"I did not have Ella and Mitch being my favourite on the bingo card," someone else agreed.

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