'This is a set-up': MAFS stars' explosive Today appearance

Penny Burfitt
Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer
An explosive appearance on Today this morning may land MAFS contestants in hot water. Photo: Nine

After an explosive first dinner party on Married and First Sight last night, participants Ivan, Hayley and Mikey have stoked the drama fire with a jaw-dropping appearance on Today this morning.

A swear word dropped, cheeky innuendo about an unexpected couple, and a tense response turned the live segment into a debacle of epic proportions.

Ivan and Hayley raised eyebrows last night with a fiery confrontation at the dinner party, but confirmed they were good friends when asked by Karl and Ally, ‘extra’ Mikey then jumped in with some cheeky remarks that clearly rubbed Ivan the wrong way and we’re willing to bet left a publicist or two very unhappy.

“Is there anything going on between you and Ivan?” Karl asked Hayley, who clearly denied it before Mikey jumped in with a risky comment.

“Yes, there is,” Mikey said. “They have been travelling around Sydney together today, out for drinks last night... They had a few drinks before, watching the show together, went to a hotel room.”

Mikey has been contacted for comment.

Hayley and Ivan blew up during last night's dinner party, but this morning an interesting claim surfaced. Photo: Nine

While light-hearted, Mikey’s comment cuts close to the bone after Hayley and fellow MAFS bride Poppy were spotted locking lips last month, all but confirming the bride has moved on from groom David, possibly with fellow castmates.

Hayley laughed off the comments, but a slightly frazzled Ivan responded quickly.

“That did not happen,” he said quickly. “This is a set-up. Alex is not going to be happy about this.”

A profanity dropped live

Karl and Ally have been left shocked by MAFS appearances. Photo: Nine

It seems like Ivan may have reason to fret after admitting he was in Aleks’ bad books following his confrontation with Hayley.

He quickly put himself in the hosts’ bad books with his comment as well, dropping a profanity on air that violates the show’s rating.

“She has got the sh*ts with me,” he admitted.

“You can't say that word,” Ally quickly shot back.

Karl was delighted with the comments, joking that Nine’s publicity would be sweating in their seats.

“Someone hold on to Channel Nine PR for a sec,” he joked as he prodded the trio for further details.

“I don't know if publicity is going to allow any of them to come back.”

MAFS will be back on Sunday evening, 7:30 pm on Nine.

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