MAFS experts John and Alessandra reveal who an ideal contestant would be

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Video transcript

- How does it feel being this close to the MAFS cast now? Is there any awkward vibes? Is it like, you judge them on the couch, and now you see them? Or is it just fine?

JOHN AIKEN: No. It's wonderful bumping into them after the show because they've gone on to bigger and better things. And we want to see them often as a loved up couples. And we get a chance to do it.

ALESSANDRA RAMPOLLA: We always want to see them be happy. So if it's happy by themselves, or happy in our relationship, or happy with the person that they met on the show, all the situations are good if they're happy. So I am just excited to see them. And see them doing well.

- There have been a few sneaky leaks of the new season. It's in production.


- As usual. How much can you say about the new participants, what we can expect next year?

JOHN AIKEN: Well, we always like to make a splash. But I think diversity is going to be the word that I would use for this cast.

ALESSANDRA RAMPOLLA: And for me, I think my experience of doing this experiment is that I am as surprised as everybody, as how things progress along the way. So I'm just expectant. I've spoken to some very interesting people that I have very high hopes for. But we all have to wait and see.

- It's interesting talking to you guys right now. Because by the time I watch it, everything will have happened. Now, you're fresh. You don't know what to expect.


- What is the ideal criteria for a MAFS participant?

JOHN AIKEN: Well, they got to be 100% committed to finding love. They've got to be single. We've had a couple of instances lately where they weren't. And I think, ultimately, we want someone who's got a big enough personality to cope with the pressure of the cameras and the experiment.