MAFS EXCLUSIVE: The truth about Ben's podcast revealed

Tour guide Ben Walters has revealed what he really went on Married At First Sight for.

Ben Walters and Ellie Dix bowed out of Married At First Sight during Sunday's commitment ceremony following a disastrous and short-lived marriage.

The pair's fate was all but sealed on their wedding day as Ellie asked if Ben was only appearing on the show to promote his podcast, with Ben's intentions questioned in the weeks that followed due to his feelings changing consistently throughout the experiment.

Ben Walters on MAFS
Ben Walters was a divisive character on this year's MAFS. Photo: Nine

Yahoo Lifestyle can reveal that unfortunately for Ben, despite his travel podcast 'Get Lost' being constantly mentioned on the biggest television show in Australia, it failed to attract many new listeners.

Data collected by social media analytics website Social Blade show that during his stint on MAFS, Ben's YouTube-based podcast only gained 32 new subscribers whilst averaging 490 views a week.

The website estimates that this would have generated between $0.52 and $8 in ad revenue during the last 30 days.


MAFS' Ben Walters
Ben said he didn't go on MAFS to solely promote his podcast. Photo: Nine

Ben reveals why he really went on MAFS

Despite all the mentions of his podcast on the show, Ben told Yahoo Lifestyle in an interview that the podcast was simply a 'hobby' he enjoys doing.

"You watch other people from previous years go on to do other things in the media, so I think if people don't acknowledge that publicity aspect, they're full of s***," he told Yahoo Lifestyle's Behind The Edit podcast.

"There were two truths. I'm 39 turning 40, I do want to settle down. Do I need the experiment? No. But what a fantastic opportunity for growth, development, for the experience."

"If you look, I've done 30 episodes since 2019," Ben said when referring to his own podcast. "That's not a consistent podcast, that is a hobby. But it got picked up, and two plus two equals five for people. But I was joking.

"I also had my guitar on there, what's next, I'll be promoting an album? I can't sing to save my life," he laughed.

Listen to Ben's full interview with Yahoo Lifestyle's Behind The Edit here.

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