MAFS' Evelyn and Duncan react to *that* photoshoot scene

Married At First Sight stars Evelyn and Duncan sat down with Yahoo Lifestyle Australia to unpack the season and react to that iconic photoshoot scene.

Video transcript

DUNCAN JAMES: Kept my socks on.

EVELYN ELLIS: Yeah. It's weird.

Yes. Yes. You've done this before.

Duncan is a natural. He's given me full creative range.

OK now I miss you.

DUNCAN JAMES: What is a I miss you face?

Oh my God.


My God.

DUNCAN JAMES: Yeah, that's it. That's the money shot.

EVELYN ELLIS: What I will say is I really wish I kept those 1,000 photos that we had taken from that shoot. But out of respect at the time, I deleted them, and I just really wish I held on to them. One of my greatest regrets.

DUNCAN JAMES: Reminds me of lots of fun, a little bit of cringe.

EVELYN ELLIS: Oh yeah, a lot of cringe.

DUNCAN JAMES: A lot of cringe, yeah, like funny cringe.

EVELYN ELLIS: It's funny because I've been trying to get Duncan to be creative with content creation and his photography skills, so.

DUNCAN JAMES: Photography skills mean taking photos of Evelyn for her Instagram.

EVELYN ELLIS: Hey, hey, hey. Look.

DUNCAN JAMES: I'm getting good, aren't I?

EVELYN ELLIS: You are getting good, but from watching that clip, I don't think our relationship's changed too much from that clip. I'm still creative-directing Duncan throughout.

DUNCAN JAMES: Yeah, I'd agree with that. It was a lot of fun filming that, but we were like trying to do something that was nice, and it was sort of flipped in another way. But then also, like I've said, it's been like a thing that a lot of people have talked about as well. So it's sort of-- that's the first time I've watched it back. We'll have to recreate it.




DUNCAN JAMES: I still got the apron.

EVELYN ELLIS: That's nice.

DUNCAN JAMES: And the underpants and the socks. So who knew that it was really just giving me an insight into like the photography side of the relationship down in the future? So like how many takes things take, what type of props you need, the look on your face, the movement of your body.

EVELYN ELLIS: The hands.

DUNCAN JAMES: Yeah. It was all new to me, so maybe in some way, I was getting like a crash course without knowing that I was getting a crash course at the time. I reckon the weirdest part when you're talking about like watching things on MAFS was we didn't watch each other's final vows. So I haven't seen Ev's. She hasn't seen mine.

But we did watch like the dinner parties together, like the reunion dinner parties, and that sort of episode, or those episodes within MAFS, and that was a bit weird, because we were sitting next to each other, being like, wow, like rewatching a point in our lives when we weren't together, and didn't know that we'd be sort of sitting on the couch next to each other now.

EVELYN ELLIS: Yeah, look. The whole situation is weird. I don't know what to tell you.

DUNCAN JAMES: Yeah. I think a good way you described it was--


DUNCAN JAMES: Yeah. Your family knows your partner before you've introduced your partner to your family, or they know a version of you.

EVELYN ELLIS: It's wild.