MAFS star Ella Ding's shocking confession: 'I lied for him’

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Married At First Sights Ella Ding isn’t afraid to speak her mind, and she’s previously come out swinging at ex Mitchell Eynaud, claiming he’s “the worst guy I’ve ever dated.”

In her latest bombshell, she revealed to the So Dramatic podcast that Mitchell actually asked her to lie on the show for him, so he could look better.

Ella Ding in a white top and hoop earrings sits next to Mitchell Eynaud waering a black t shirt and jeans, on the set of Married At First Sight
Ella Ding says she trusted partner Mitchell Eynaud too much. Photo: Nine

At the Married At First Sight Reunion, Tamara Djordjevic claimed that she received a drunken phone call from Mitchell, saying he had feelings for her.

Nobody believed her because Mitchell claimed he had also called Matt Ridley, Dion Giannarelli and “wife” Ella — who backed him up.

Ella confessed that this was untrue, as she never received a phone call from Mitchell.

She told listeners how Mitchell pulled her aside before the reunion and said: “Just in case it gets brought up tonight, I drunk-called Tamara, and I called Matt and Dion.

“He was like, ‘If it gets brought up tonight, just without causing drama, can you say that I called you too?’

“So I lied for him.”

Ella admits that she wishes she’d done things differently: “That was probably the only part of the reunion that I watched back and was like, ‘God damn, why’d you do that?’”


Ella Ding wearing a red dress, taking a photo in the mirror with her phone.
Ella Ding has been hit hard by the breakup. Photo: Instagram/ellamayding

Although she can see the red flags now, she really trusted Mitchell when he said he’d never get together with Tamara.

“He said that she was crazy toxic, ‘I’d never f**king do that…Yuck’” she recalls.

Ella has been hit hard by the split, and she says she didn't expect her time on the show to have such an impact on her.

“I’m just feeling…really numb from it all, and I didn’t think I’d be so hurt.”

“It’s hit me pretty hard,” she admitted.

Since the show wrapped up, fans have been wanting Ella to start a relationship with Brent Vitiello, who was originally matched on the show with Tamara.

The pair have continually denied any dating rumours, with an insider telling Yahoo Lifestyle the reason why they are hesitant to rush into a relationship.

"Brent is planning on spending some time in America soon and exploring possible work opportunities there. Now their season is airing in the States, he's slowly gaining an American following and has connections in LA and NYC he is planning on meeting with," an insider tells us.

"He is also planning on doing a tour across the UK with Al [Perkins] as the pair have started receiving offers for club appearances.

Meanwhile, Yahoo Lifestyle understands Ella doesn't want to rush into any new romance as she says she is still "healing" from her breakup from Mitch Eynaud and wants to focus on her move from Melbourne to Sydney and lining up new work there first.

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